THE ICE 2022

A Gathering of some of the most exquisite cars in the middle of winter on a frozen lake, welcome to “THE ICE” St. Moritz.

The Ice 2022

It´s well below zero degrees, and the sun starts to rise over the glamours St. Moritz on this Saturday morning. However, today isn´t your ordinary Saturday, as THE ICE is finally taking place again. Due to the pandemic last year’s edition was cancelled, so the excitement was even bigger, as the first cars rolled onto the lake. And what a selection it was, reaching from a Ferrari 250 GTO over a Porsche 904 and even a Miura to 60s Grand Prix Cars and Barchettas. What a fine mixture.


The engines slowly started to get on temperature while I strolled through the parc fermé where all these rarities stood on display throughout the day. The opportunity to see such cars static on snow is mindboggling yet alone, however things became even more outrages as the first participants took their beauties out on the track…and they weren’t holding back. The unfiltered noise of a 60s Grand Prix racing car sliding past, only two meters away…goosebumps…it felt like the whole surface vibrated and the world stood still for a moment. As they caught up to each other they even got themselves in a bit of race, what a show.


More quiet but not less spectacular were the laps afterwards, as the 60s and 70s supercars had their go. The majesty of the snow-covered alps and the crisp blue sky offered the ideal backdrop to perceive the shapes and colors of the shown treasurers. Pure and without any distractions, so you can truly enjoy the magnificence of the coach-built bodies, while it looked more like they were floating then driving.

Still processing what you had just been witnessed, and it was already time for the next group to unleash the lots. But wait a minute, is that James Bond´s actual Aston Martin DB5, on ice, going sideways? Indeed, and that wasn’t the only star on wheels as the original Lamborghini Miura from THE ITALIAN JOB was followed by Michael Jackson´s Ferrari Testarossa.


With such entertaining shows going on it was easily overseen that the event itself is a Concours of Elegance. Prominent faces of the classic car world, like Marco Makaus, Philip Rathgen or Michele Lupi, joined the jury to take their professional look at the presented cars.


Although the cars were divided in five categories called jet set on ice, stars on wheels, vintage road racing, Barchettas and Vintage Grand Prix choosing the winners for sure couldn’t be more difficult as every car was a highlight on its own. Especially eye-catching was undoubtably the winner of the vintage road racing class. A 1967 Morris Mini Cooper S ex Works, which is the actual winning car of the 67s rally Coupe des Alpes. Next to all the big flamboyant Ferraris it stood out like no other.


As the cars were going for a last round on the ice, it was almost time to say goodbye to this extraordinary day that went by faster than the racing cars. The event will be even bigger and greater next year, and we are already looking forward.

And one thing is for sure – you never cared less to freeze when you are at THE ICE.