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Gallery Aaldering is a family owned business since 1975. Founder Nico Aaldering and his son Nick are responsible for operational and executive management. The company has been in Brummen since 1987 and started on the location where they currently have their second workshop and detailing shop.

Gallery Aaldering

Nico started very small, with only three employees. People who still work for the company today. The company grew rapidly and established a name for itself based on quality. In the nineties it was time for expansions after many years of selling Alfa Romeo, then Italian cars later on followed by British cars as well. At the end of 2000 Gallery Aaldering moved to the current premises at the Arnhemsestraat in Brummen. This showroom was build according to Nico’s idea and sketches and has a Neoclassical style to match the classic cars inside.

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Gallery Aaldering

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Gallery AalderingDuring this time Nick entered the company after finishing his studies and working for different automotive companies. Gallery Aaldering expanded and gained momentum with the decades of experience offered by Nico and the bright new ideas and progressive vision offered by Nick. The collection became more diverse with an important move upwards to higher segments. Gallery Aaldering has grown to become one of the largest classic car dealers in Europe. There are about 350 classic cars on display on four floors with a Grand Café and special rooms for business meetings.

As a family owned business Gallery Aaldering is proud of its history and traditions, but the future is just as important. At the heart of this all is the passion for classic automobiles. For that reason they participate in the most impressive classic car rally in the world, the Mille Miglia.

A deeply rooted love for cars. You will find this in both their genes and the identity of this family owned business.


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Alfa Romeo 1300 GTA Strada

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The Alfa Romeo GTA, Gran Touring Alleggerita, is one of the many highlights in the history of the beautiful brand. The Alfa Romeo GTA was built by Autodelta and was introduced at the Amsterdam Motor Show, better known in the Netherlands as the Autorai. The GTA was offered in two versions, the Strada and the Corsa. Autodelta did not take half the task of turning the GT Junior into a real racer. The body is made of aluminium and is a true work of art. Only the floor and sills remained made of steel… . Find out more


Maserati 3500 GT Vignale Spyder

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This is truly quite a sensational rarity. A matching numbers 1961 Maserati 3500 GT Vignale Spyder with carburettors, a manual 5-speed and disc brakes. We do not see many of them come our way. What is even more amazing is the beautiful state of restoration it is in. This Maserati is in one word: immaculate. The car itself is not only wonderful it has a fantastic amount of documentation dating back to 1968… . Find out more


Mercedes-Benz W188 300S Coupé

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Das beste oder Nichts, still the slogan of Mercedes-Benz and in this case: completely true. The Mercedes-Benz W188 300S Coupé was by far the most opulent car on the market in the 1950s. The W188 300S was the Coupé, Cabriolet or Roadster variant of the world famous “Adenauer”. The W188 series was introduced at the Paris motor show in 1951. Although the car was given the designation “300S”, it would not be until 1972 before Mercedes-Benz would start offering models such as S-Class. Mercedes-Benz built a total of 560 units of different body styles. 216 pieces are the Coupés shown here… . Find out more


Porsche 356 pre-A Knickscheibe Coupé

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This great Porsche 356 pre-A “Knickscheibe” has recently been completely restored. The bodywork was taken back to bare metal and all necessary repairs carried out. Before its restoration the car had a non-original red finish. The client knew the ultimate result would be achieved by restoring the original classic “Adria Blau Metallic” (colour code: R509) finish. Our car is a 1954 edition, one of the 1,362 Knickscheibe Coupe’s built that year. It has Reutter bodywork… . Find out more


Ferrari Dino 206 GT

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How does one describe a Dino206 GT? Where does one start? Is it the car’s exclusivity? The fact that between 1967-1969 only 152 were built? The near perfect proportions? The aluminium bodywork? Or even the fantastic 65 degree V6 Ferrari engine? Let’s start at the beginning. Enzo Ferrari wanted to market a smaller, cheaper car to rival the Porsche 911. His son Alfredo, Dino for intimates, had recently died. Alfredo was a Ferrari engineer who mainly concentrated on developing smaller racing engines, like the F2 2.0 V6 engine… . Find out more


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