THE ICE – SLS Porter

If you wonder what kind of car this is at this years THE ICE St.Moritz , it’s the MB300SL-S „Porter Special“. A unique racing jewel: In 1956, the American racing driver Chuck Porter bought a Mercedes 300 SL gullwing accident car for only 500 US dollars.

The ICE - SLS Porter

He then had it converted into an aluminium roadster according to his own plans, paying attention to an evidenced weight reduction and a certain stylistic proximity to the Mercedes SLR. He was successful: the entire body weighed only circa 85 kilograms. Finally, the cars 300 SL engine was exchanged with a more powerful McCulloch supercharger, which provided the car with over 300 PS.

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The SLS successfully participated in serveral races

The SLS successfully participated in serveral races in America between 1956 and 1961, where it gained a lot of fame during its racing career.


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In 2000, the car was discovered in very poor condition by Scott Grundfor and sold to Germany, where it has been extensively restored by HK-ENGINEERING. The car was restored to its original 1956 version with the supercharger. Since then, it has been a regular guest at major racing events worldwide. Find out more