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collectorscarworld is the leading daily news magazine with the best stories for classic cars, historic racing, supercars, classic lifestyle and events/auctions with more than 450.000 readers per month by our website, daily newsletter , Instagram and Facebook.

The passion for classic cars and supercars is diverse – sometimes it concerns the beauty of forms that can be admired at a concours, sometimes it is the smell of rubber, old leather and gasoline at a racing event or a trip in the sunset. Life is too short to drive bad mass cars. Classic cars are an expression of the lifestyle that someone shares with other petrolheads, and which is immortal and enduring.

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Every day, our team at collectorscarworld is thrilled by interesting stories, special cars and the people who drive them. Not only the great stories and events fascinate us, but also special photos and the small moments, captured at an event, in a backyard or, of course, on a coastal road in the sunset. We are dreamers and we live our dream of classic cars as pieces of art each day. We try to pass this enthusiasm on to our readers with the help of powerful pictures and impressions – we want to be the best and most up-to-date magazine for collectors and the collectors car crazy, not more and especially not less.

Happy Motoring!

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Photo by Ralph Lüker