Prince X Reigning Champ: Original Graphite 107 Racquet

An icon on and off the court, Prince has elevated the sport and culture of tennis since 1970.

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Limited-edition Original Graphite 107 racquet and case. Made famous 3 decades ago as the racquet of choice on the pro tour, the POG 107 is still considered the industry standard with a level of feel, precision, and control ideal for intermediate to advanced players. Designed in an exclusive colourway with our co-branded logo, monogram-stenciled strings, and natural calfskin grip.

  • Details
  • Limited edition
  • Oversized frame
  • Co-branded graphics
  • Monogram stencil
  • Head Size: 107 sq. In.
  • Length: 27in
  • Strung Weight: 345g
  • Strings: 16g Prince Nylon
  • Tension: 60lbs
  • Grip Type: Calfskin Leather
  • Grip Size: 4-3/8
  • Style: RC-7330


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