RETRO CLASSICS®: The Countdown Has Begun

The countdown has begun to the 23rd edition of the largest trade fair for driving culture. RETRO CLASSICS® will kick off in Stuttgart on the last weekend in April and will showcase delicacies, rarities and jubilees on two, four or more wheels from April 25 to 28.

Unbenannt 15

“Always forwards, never backwards!” – Erich Honecker’s Citroen CX

A piece of German history can be admired at the Citroen CX Club stand in Hall 5: Anyone who thinks that the former leader of the “The Citroen CX was also represented in the fleet of the “MfS” from summer 1978, and according to tradition Erich Honecker was very fond of the French sedan chair, which incidentally was a personal gift from the then Citroen director. See this prominent Citroen CX as part of the large special show “50 years of the Citroen CX”, which not only presents a cross-section of the model range of this great car. cross-section of the model range of this magnificent French luxury-class model, but also demonstrates the innovative hydropneumatic the innovative hydropneumatics of the CX to the visitors.

Cars from the island – 20 years of the “British Corner”

British corner 1

For decades, British automobiles enjoyed an excellent reputation in the world and stood for sportiness (pithy roadsters…), racing successes (Le Mans & Co. …), engineering skill (Mini, Imp …) and luxury (Rolls Royce, Daimler, Jaguar…). A look back at this glorious times is best done in the “British Corner” in Hall 7, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Go on a time travel and admire over 900m² of pithy roadsters, opulent luxury limousines and ingenious small cars from the major brands Austin, Triumph, MG, Morris, Rover, Jaguar, Lotus.

Heavy boys in the furrow, on country roads and highways

Bulldog SF 1

What would a RETRO CLASSICS® be without “heavy boys”? Exactly, it’s hard to imagine, as historic commercial vehicles such as tractors, trucks, buses and the like have traditionally been an integral part of the largest trade fair for driving culture. The heroes of yesteryear, the ones who pushed horses and oxen off the land, who cleared the postwar
republic of rubble and brought the first goods from A to B and, when people started traveling again, opened up regions near and far, these can all be admired in Hall 7, presented by Bulldog- und Schlepperfreunde Württemberg e.V. and Automobil-Park Auwärter.

The papal crown in Hall 5 at Mercedes-Benz

The tiara commonly refers to the papal crown and is known, if at all known from crossword puzzles. The fact that the former Swiss car manufacturer Monteverdi adorned its last series vehicle with this name in 1982 is probably only known to a few, not least because of a “small series” of only three prototypes, two of which still exist. And why is one of these two
examples on the stand of the Mercedes-Benz brand club of the 126 model series in Hall 5? Because the W126 S-Class, which appeared in 1979, formed the basis for this “Monteverdi of superlative” (according to the Basel-based manufacturer’s brochure at the time), which only becomes apparent when the two luxury class saloons are closely compared.

Tiara 1

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