Porsche 911 RSR

On the occasion of the Porsche 911’s 50th anniversary in 2013, the Porsche works team returns to top international motorsport after a [...]

Profile: De Tomaso Pantera

When Modena-based company Automobili De Tomaso introduced the Pantera in New York in 1970 as the successor of the De Tomaso Mangusta, hardly [...]

2Shores Classic Cars

2shores has been a service provider for the classic car enthusiast and serious car collector for many years. The approach to the collector car [...]

Turbo-Dream From 1982: Abt Golf I GTI

In touch with an original Abt Golf I GTI from 1982: If the sporty Golf I GTI was not fast enough yet, he and his sweetheart were able to apply to [...]

Classic Profile: Maserati 6 CM

The Monoposto Maserati 6 CM was produced 27 times between 1936 and 1939. It was built on the 4 CM frame and was equipped with the front [...]

Just Wow! 911 Carrera RSR 3.0

The 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 represents the last and most powerful stage of the RS series, which began in 1972 with the RS 2.7. Designed [...]

Amazing Porsche Restoration by Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design is at it again. And in scope and scale, the southern California Porsche 911 custom shop may have outdone its previous [...]

Pure Power: BMW 3.0 CSL

The systematic factory-provided use in touring car racing begins with the founding of BMW Motorsport GmbH. The BMW 3.0 CSL factory cars with [...]

The One And Only: Maserati 420M/58 Eldorado

The only exemplar of the Maserati 420M / 58 Eldorado was built in 1958 for the 500 miles of Monza. The Eldorado piloted by Stirling Moss was the [...]

Porsche 917

For the first time, the Porsche 917 was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1969. The 917, powered by an air-cooled twelve-cylinder [...]

Jaguar XK120 SE Pinin Farina Coupe

With peace returned to Europe in 1945, William Lyons could focus on producing cars again. For obvious reasons, he could no longer use the ss [...]

Stunning Ferrari 512S Longtail

In the 1970s world championships, the 512S was launched with different body editions, which were based on the requirements of the individual [...]
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