Bugatti Home Launches New Collection

Revealed in the exclusive gardens of Palazzo Chiesa during Milan Design Week, the new Bugatti Home collection is also presented at Sahrai Milano.

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During Milan Design Week, from April 15 to 21, Luxury Living Group and Bugatti unveil a new evolution of their design philosophy with a unique display in Palazzo Chiesa’s gardens, located in Corso Venezia. This showcase further deepens the home collection’s synergy with the iconic hyper sports car brand founded in 1909, adopting an approach that emphasizes cutting-edge craftsmanship techniques, simple elegance as well as a meticulous attention to detail and dedication to perfection.

Guests are welcomed in a 19th Century edifice, walking through a gallery crafted from highly technical materials, transitioning seamlessly from the ultimate Bugatti roadster, the Mistral1, into the realm of Bugatti Home. The 2024 collection stars both in the lush garden and within an incredible installation, drawing inspiration from Ettore Bugatti’s original Orangerie glasshouse in Molsheim, Alsace. More than ever, this latest collection echoes the uniqueness of Bugatti’s hyper sports cars, celebrating the unparalleled artistry of their shapes and form. The contrast of sandblasted aluminum against raw, open-pore oak, celebrates the innate purity of the materials while championing authenticity just like it does throughout the iconic Bugatti automobile design; if something looks like titanium or wood or carbon fiber, then it has to be.

Some of the most iconic pieces of the new Bugatti Home collection are also displayed by Sahrai Milano – a renowned rug and textiles design house – at Via Manzoni 38. This second exhibit highlights the unique connection between the two houses, both recognized for their focus on bespoke design, incomparable sophistication, exceptional elegance and unrivalled innovation.


The new collection – using only the finest quality materials, including European open-pore oak, glass, metal elements and metallic lacquer – embodies timeless refinement. Combining natural materials with more technological ones as well as transparency with solidity, creates unique contrasts. The use of large glass pieces, a symbol of lightness and purity, in combination with stronger industrial materials, emphasizes the lines and shapes of the products, some of them inspired by the famous Bugatti “C-line”. A choice of the most precious natural fabrics, such as cashmere, wool and silk, as well as leather, also adds materiality to the new pieces of the collection.

The new Type_1 modular sofa, loveseat, and chaise longue reveal a daring transposition of the iconic Bugatti “C-Line” into an entirely new form. The juxtaposition of the leather-covered structure against the plush, expansive seating area creates a striking contrast of opposing elements referring to Bugatti’s beauty and beast philosophy for its hyper sports cars.

Elegance and structural finesse are at the core of the TYPE_4 dining table, featuring a glass top supported by two chrome aluminum legs, each uniquely bent and bridged by a curved glass insert. This design reveals an open framework, a hallmark of all new Bugatti Home pieces; the complete visibility of materials and design nuances. Surrounding the dining table, the TYPE_5 chairs embody the automotive-inspired design ethos with their sleek, curvaceous frames made of carbon fiber and hand-painted with liquid aluminum metal.

This innovative use of design to create a sense of purity and lightness is also applied to great effect in the TYPE_7 desk, with the clever folding of one side to establish its structure, and an integrated drawer unit elevated off the floor, rendering it nearly invisible.

The TYPE_3 sofa delivers both supreme comfort and a striking aesthetic, featuring deep folds reminiscent of 1970s elegance, modernized with Bugatti’s signature: metal tags showcasing the laser Bugatti logo in iconic ‘Bugatti Blue’. Armchair, chaise longue, and ottoman variants are also available.

A truly incomparable collection where contrasts of styles and materials are an ode to craftsmanship and sophistication while paying tribute to Bugatti’s most striking design elements.


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