Rimac Shows Its New State-Of-Art Campus

EV hypercar manufacturer and electric technology specialist, Rimac Automobili, unveiled the design for its new state-of-the-art home in Croatia, including on-site test track, accommodation, and museum.

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Born out of Mate Rimac’s vision to create the world’s most exciting and powerful electric sports cars and electrified performance components, in just a decade, Rimac Automobili has grown from one man in a garage to a global technology powerhouse. Now, it’s one of the automotive industry’s rising stars, especially as the world transitions to an increasingly electric future.

Rimac is looking up to bring together all functions in one unique

Reflecting its status today as a strategic partner to the likes of Hyundai-Kia and Porsche, Rimac is now looking to bring together all of its people and functions in one unique, spectacular place. The eye-catching complex, carefully designed by famous Croatian architectural practice, 3LHD, will showcase the brand’s spirit and focus on attention to detail, with a lengthy wishlist to future proof its new home. The new complex will be its international R&D and production base and enable the company to ramp up from prototype and smaller volume projects to high-volume production of its high-performance electric drivetrain and battery systems for many global car companies.

The campus occupies a site of 200,000 m²

The new site, designed around the idea of providing the best possible working environment for an international workforce, is located only a couple of kilometers from Rimac’s current home and occupies a site of 200,000 m² while the built area will be 100,000m². It is expected to be completed by 2023. Considerable thought has gone into the new complex’s look and feel. Mate Rimac has personally been keen to ensure that his business’ new home embodies not just the brand’s character, but also that of its people. As such, the spaces have been refined to be friendly, open and warm, with more than a hint of fun. At the same time, befitting the company’s leading-edge technology status, it will be contemporary, light-filled and take inspiration from its natural surroundings.

Speaking about the brand’s exciting plans, CEO and Founder, Mate Rimac, said, “Just 10 years ago this company was only me in a garage, working on electric performance vehicles and components. Since then, we have grown to around 1,000 employees, formed strategic partnerships with Porsche, Hyundai Motor Group and others, and are working with the biggest names in the automotive industry. But, one thing that we have always committed to is developing our business within Croatia; we’re proud to be here and with this new location, it will be our long-term home.”

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Extensive experience in creating spectacular buildings

3LHD have been responsible for designing a series of striking Croatian and international projects, among them the Riva Waterfront in Split and Hotel LN Garden in Guangzhou, China. Using their extensive experience in creating spectacular buildings and complexes, often integrating spaces with nature, the architects have taken design inspiration from multiple sources, including the curves and movement of Rimac’s imminent new flagship, the C_Two, as well as speed itself.

The latter takes the form of informing the main building’s design by focusing on how four key groups will enter and flow around the site. For example, naturally, its employees will be keen to get to their work spaces as swiftly as possible, while at the other end of the spectrum, visitors will likely be keen to take in their experience and linger as long as possible in the eye-catching indoor communal spaces and outdoor areas.

‘Pods’ instead of hotels

Naturally, in keeping with the brand’s focus on striking design, innovation and sustainability, the new complex will contain many clever and unique features. Among them are an urban ‘swamp’ and meadows, plus a rooftop garden. Arguably, the complex’s most unique element will be its on-site accommodation. Rather than opting for a traditional hotel to accommodate both visitors and new employees, the team has signed off on a series of individual ‘pods’ which will blend in with the woodland that surrounds them.

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