The Richard Mille RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail

McLaren Automotive and Richard Mille are delighted to reveal the result of their latest and most ambitious creation, the RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail.

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Based on the form of a teardrop, the most aerodynamically efficient shape found in nature, the Speedtail is the apotheosis of the streamlined hypercar, a three-seat grand tourer that became the third car in McLaren’s Utimate line-up.

There are many similarities between the way that Richard Mille and McLaren approach common design an engineering challenges, such as saving weight, reducing vibrational impact and minimising resistance ‘, said Rob Melville, McLaren Automotive’s design director.

It took Richard Mille’s casing department, led by Technical Director Julien Boillat, an unprecedented 2,800 hours spread over 18 months to perfect the lines.


Salvador Arbona, Richard Mille’s Movement Technical Director, created a horological ‘engine’ that seamlessly occupies all the available space and introduces a level of mechanical sophistication that makes the RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon an appropriately extraordinary companion to the Speedtail.

The entirely new movement architecture demanded a remarkable 8,600 hours of development, much of which went into finalising the extreme level of detail.

To reflect the 106 McLaren Speedtails manufactured, 106 RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail watches are planned.


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