25th Goodwood Revival Anniversary: 3 Questions To Katarina Kyvalova

25th Goodwood Revival Anniversary: 3 Questions To Katarina Kyvalova

1. 25 Years of the Revival. Your most emotional and memorable moments ?

When I started to come to Goodwood Revival in 2006 as a spectator my most memorable moments were always those when I saw my childhood heroes and cars live racing. Since 2015 when I started to compete myself in Goodwood, the most memorable moments are now those when I race against them. And the most emotional moments? Being on podium undoubtedly is one of those moments, though seeing the kids in the Settrington Cup how seriously they, and their parents, are taking the race is emotions pure.

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2. Why is the Revival such a magical step back in time ?

His Grace, the Duke of Richmond managed to create this absolutely unique Time Machine which let us live a weekend in a glorious period which we all cherish so much. From cars, stars, parties to the stunning vintage outfits, it is impossible not to fall in love with the place and the event itself and you are always leaving Goodwood with a feeling wanting more of it.

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3. Will the races take place with e-fuels in the future ?

Renewable, carbon-neutral fuels are the future of the classic car world and the whole industry around it so I strongly believe that there will be more and more races powered by e-fuels taking place as well as seeing drivers using the e-fuels as an alternative fuel on daily basis. I’ve been running on P1 synthetic fuel this at the Mille Miglia and raced also for the first time at the Goodwood Revival with an e-fuel, so I can only encourage all my fellow car lovers and racer to give it a try.

Photos by Jayson Fong

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