Porsche Aviation Book: More Than 100 Years Of Exciting History

Every Porsche enthusiast knows them very well – the legendary 356 and 911 sports cars. What is less well known, however, is that the flat engines of the two automobile icons from Zuffenhausen also formed the basis for successful Porsche aircraft engines: the four-cylinder type 678 and the PFM 3200 with six cylinders.

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Both engines, but above all the PFM 3200, which is still exemplary in terms of efficiency and noise development, take up the lion’s share of the 184-page work by Porsche expert Jürgen Gassebner. Being a pilot for 25 years and “Flying Ambassador” of the Porsche Museum with the Pützer Elster B “D-ELKY” since 2010, the Stuttgart-born author researched and photographed the history of Porsche in aviation over two decades. The best and most interesting of this has now found its way into a book that has never existed before: PORSCHE AVIATION. Superbly illustrated, entertainingly written and packed with technical and historical insights, Gassebner takes the German and English-speaking reader on an exciting journey through time, starting more than 100 years ago when Professor Ferdinand Porsche constructed his first aircraft engine. This is a unique work among Porsche books, in which, in addition to the Porsche aircraft engines, the sports cars from Zuffenhausen are of course not forgotten.

PORSCHE AVIATION will be released in a limited number of copies on September 18, 2020. It is exclusively available now for direct order at the publisher’s webshop for a price of 49.90 Euro and will be shipped to any destination worldwide right after its release: porsche-aviation-book.com



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