Porsche 356 Pre-A Knickscheibe Coupé

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Gallery Aaldering is offering this beautiful Porsche 356 Pre-A Knickscheibe Coupé for sale. 

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What a beauty! This 1953 Porsche 356 Pre-A Knickscheibe Coupé has been fully restored and mechanically overhauled. The work was carried out by extremely professional restorers, who have delivered a most desirable car. The car not only looks great, it also drives fantastically well. The work undertaken was done meticulously and in keeping with the original concept. Everything appears as it was when the car left the factory, although again not quite exactly as I shall explain. This car has been so meticulously restored and to such a high standard, it has resulted in a car of superior quality compared to the original one leaving the factory. This is now a truly marvellous Porsche 356 pre-A Knickscheibe coupé.

The 356 was Porsche’s first production model and coincided with an era of a huge flight of automotive development. Taking the latter into consideration it is no wonder the Pre-A and a 356 C appear to be two totally different cars. The 356 was succeeded in 1964 by the 911 and remained in production until 1965. In total Porsche built 76,313 Porsche 356’s in various guises, of which 7,627 were of the Pre-A variety. The Pre-A was produced from 1948 to 1955. Overall the car had a large range of engines at her disposal, from the introduction 1.1 in 1948 to the 1.5 in this car with a 1.3 making up the middle. These are great cars to drive or to add to anyones serious collection as the never ending interest for the Stuttgart brand ensures values of the 356 are as sturdy as a house.

Both bodywork and chassis are in very good shape. The panelwork is not only nice and thin it aligns perfectly too. The high quality paintwork, in its original colour, is completely unblemished. The car looks like it floats as the wheels inset relatively far inside the frame. This set-up has the advantage of great steering whilst still having very stabile roadholding. Wheels fitted are the original ones. The steel rims have hubcaps shod in correctly sized good quality tyres.

The spartan interior is befitting a sports car. The immaculate ergonomic design is immediately obvious. It is marvellous to note Porsche had this spot-on right from the start. The seating position is fantastic and the pedals have a logical arrangement (this sounds evident but was not always the case with classic cars). The inside has been fully reupholstered, again in keeping with the original trim. The dashboard has been resprayed and fitted with new gauges. The seats are covered in red leather and the carpets are beige coloured. The door cards are also clad in red leather and have their original handles. The carpets have been fitted with great precision as is exemplified by the finish around the spaces around the pedals. The back of the rear seat has also been upholstered with the same carpet material and forms a fine sight whether up or down.

The engine was fully rebuilt. The 1,500cc 4-cylinder boxer engine sounds great and runs delightfully smooth. You can easily imagine why the Porsche 356 was seen as a true sports car. The engine is coupled to a fully overhauled 4-speed gearbox. The precise shifting transmission has fine gear ratios. In the 50’s Porsche already was well aware of what constituted a good drivers car. The suspension and brakes have also been replaced and are up to their respective tasks. All in all it is tremendous fun to be out and about in this Porsche 356 Pre-A. Compared to current standards the car is certainly not the fastest but it does form an unbelievable coherent unit, the like you rarely see in modern cars.

The whole restoration has been wonderfully documented in an extensive file containing a series of photos, its “birth” certificate and other information. Another attractive feature of the Porsche 356 Pre-A is that you will surely be greeted with open arms at numerous classic events, and quite rightly… In short this is a great opportunity for someone looking for a splendidly restored 1953 Porsche Pre-A who does not have the time for a restoration.

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