Outrider Coyote 4WD

The world’s most capable, compact, and fully adaptive electric 4WD vehicle was born from a mission-driven pursuit of both accessibility to outdoor adventure, and best-in-class technical capacity built into the most compact package possible. The Outrider Coyote has effectively blurred the lines between the classifications “ATV” and “mobility device” as absolutely no technical capacity was sacrificed for accessibility or the other way around.

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The Coyote is the first machine ever to offer powerful off-road capability for every body- from the most avid backcountry adventurer, to a quadriplegic who hasn’t been able to venture from paved surfaces for years.

The team at Outrider USA has spent the past decade “building wings”- designing three wheeled electric trikes with proprietary adaptive control systems that allow people of all mobility levels to independently get back outside for exercise and adventure. A few years ago, with the completion of the adaptive control systems, the decision was made to begin design on the first electric 4-wheeled model, with the goal of providing more stability, safety, and capability.

Tommy Ausherman, CEO and co-founder of Outrider USA reflects on the serendipity of the design process, “The beauty of the Coyote 4WD is that we didn’t have to start with the design of the adaptive controls, they were already complete. We were able to, right out of the gate, design the Coyote 4WD to achieve the maximum technical capacity we were looking for, already having an in-depth knowledge of the adaptive controls we would integrate in. The result is an unprecedented combination of accessibility for all riders, regardless of mobility level, and a compact package of 4WD capacity that frankly hasn’t been seen on the market before.”

For years Ausherman has asked the same question as he hikes around the mountains he calls home in western North Carolina. What would it take for a person of limited mobility to successfully, safely, and independently go on this hike with me? He sought out the answer to this persisting question through the design of the Coyote 4WD, and the result has been better than he could hope for. Outrider’s most recent film release captures the outdoor adventures of three men with varying degrees of mobility riding the Coyote in the wild. Their stories reveal the extent to which what they had lost is now able to be restored through the capable and adaptive Outrider Coyote 4WD.
What does it take to restore outdoor accessibility?

The fully adaptable Outrider Coyote 4WD was designed for easy transport, maneuverability, and serious 4WD capability. At 220 lbs, the Coyote is the lightest 4WD vehicle ever commercially produced, qualifying as a compact all-terrain-vehicle. The entire unit fits within a 5’ x 3’ x 3’ block, allowing for easy transport within even the smallest cars on the road today- i.e. no trailer is necessary. The Coyote boasts up to 6000 Watt-hours of onboard battery capacity for travel distances of over 140 miles on a single charge, in addition to independent 1000 Watt hub motors, and full air suspension. In the event of getting stuck while adventuring, the Coyote can be bailed out of most predicaments by a single person.

The Outrider Coyote 4WD is essentially a new breed of fully adaptive ATV, with additional capability to become an impressive mobile power unit, allowing people in remote locations to power lights, phones/GPS systems, and even higher voltage accessories such as mobile refrigerators/stoves.
Gone are the days of having to sacrifice technology for accessibility, or accessibility for technology. Outrider USA has proven that with the right technology, any body can get back outdoors and into the adventure of their dreams.


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