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An emblematic car owned by Ascott Collection: The Howmet TX is powered by a helicopter turbine. They were built by the Bob McKee and Ray Heppenstall partnership, to compete in the 1968 endurance world championship season. One of the Howmet TX’s major technical innovations was the command system for managing the exhaust gases (waste-gates), designed to provide instantaneous response in both acceleration and braking phases.

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Bildschirmfoto 2020 07 01 um 19.41.59 1The turbine produces 400 HP for a total car weight of 750 kg… a heck of an advantage to help rival with the toughest competitors. The Howmet TX is one of that elite club of American sports cars which have managed to shake up the order otherwise established by European constructors such as Ferrari or Porsche. Just as the Chaparrals (which it shares a certain family resemblance with), and the Ford GT40s did, the Howmet TX has marked their memories. Those of us who have seen it in action will always remember the highly distinctive sound of its engine and the unique smell of kerosene fanning out behind it as it went by…

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Videos of the HOWMET TX
Xarvier Micheron at the wheel of the ultra-rare Howmet TX during the Spa Classic 2011 qualifying laps…


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