Alvis: Still Making Cars How They Used To Be

The Alvis Car Company are manufacturing to special order a limited number of famous Alvis models. They are faithful to the original design and by using the Works Drawings from the period they retain all their traditional character and quality, yet are emission compliant. The cars carry Alvis chassis numbers and engine numbers which follow on from the last in the model sequence, which is why they have been designated the Continuation Series.

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Sports Coupe

The Stunning coachwork of this two-door Sports Coupe was first exhibited at the 1935 Paris Motor Show. The powerful six cylinder Alvis engine provides effortless performance and the luxurious seating is upholstered in the finest materials, affording maximum comfort on every journey.


Further features include a sunshine roof, walnut veneered interior woodwork and a boot that harmoniously blends into the superb lines of the rear panel. The interior leather is available in a choice of colours as is the exterior paintwork. Each body is manufactured to customers’ special requirements.

Production is limited to 25 cars.

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Vanden Plas


Vanden Plas DIMS 5

The 10ft 4in. wheelbase Vanden Plas Tourer expresses grace, speed and breeding in every line. The powerful 4.3 Litre Alvis engine provides acceleration of 0-50mph in 7.6 seconds. The imposing frontal appearance is enhanced by a sweeping waistline flowing into a fared decking at the rear into which the spare wheel is sunk in a neat and pleasing manner.

With it’s streamlined individual wings and absence of runner-boards, this model presents a low, sleek appearance in keeping with the characteristics of the chassis. The hood and side curtains give protection from the weather, yet it can be folded down into very small and neat proportions. A wide range of upholstery and paint finish is available to meet every customer’s personal preferences.

Production is limited to 25 cars.

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Concealed Hood

Lancefield 0

With coachwork specifically designed for the 1938 London Motor show, the Lancefield Concealed Hood is an excellent dual-purpose model meeting the requirements of those who require a closed four seater whilst also allowing them to enjoy the thrill of driving an open car of breathtaking appearance and outstanding performance.

The wide doors allow easy access to both front and rear seats. Large winding windows and narrow screen pillars give maximum visibility. The hood is readily and unobtrusively folded into a concealed compartment within the coachwork at the rear; with the hood fully erected the car is weather proof, whilst it is possible to fold back the front section only; leaving the rear seats protected. The body may be painted and trimmed in a wide range of colours and leathers.

Production is limited to 25 cars.

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Park Ward

Drop Head Coupe

ParkWard 1

This superbly styled two-door drop head coupe provides luxurious seating for up to five persons. The 3 Litre engine has a top speed of 120mph and the acceleration, performance and handling qualities of a true thoroughbred. The five-speed gearbox and power steering are standard equipment with automatic transmission available as an option.

The hood is soft, flexible and completely weatherproof, and is lined with English wool-cloth folding neatly away behind the rear seats when not in use. The roomy boot gives ample accommodation for luggage.

As with all the Alvis Continuation models, there is a wide choice of options so each car can be a bespoke design to the customer’s own particular requirements or preferences.

Production is limited to 25 cars.

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Coupe / Cabriolet

Graber Coupe Gold 0

The Alvis Graber Super Cabriolet has the well-proven Alvis 3 Litre engine but carries coachwork of a more sporting appearance. The car is smooth and comfortable at cruising speeds but when called upon, can deliver remarkable acceleration combined with excellent handling. The roomy interior accommodates 4 adults in comfort and uses the same high quality hide and interior fittings as all Alvis models. In short, the Alvis Graber Super Cabriolet is a car that can satisfy the most demanding motorist who wants an eye-catching sports car but does not want to sacrifice comfort and convenience.

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