Hyperion Teases Hydrogen Hypercar

U.S. startup Hyperion has given us a glimpse of its radical XP-1, which is claimed to use NASA technology for its hydrogen powertrain.

20 hyperion xp 1

Hyperion was founded in 2011 and has been developing the Veyron-esque XP1 ever since. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and is much-touted as the ideal green transportation solution, as it can create emissions-free electricity in a fuel cell or even be used in a combustion engine. Toyota, Honda and Hyundai are the only mainstream carmakers to commit to production cars so far and the re-fueling infrastructure as of right now remains very limited. However, for a low-volume collector car like the XP-1 that probably won’t be such an issue.

The XP-1 was originally slated to be shown at the New York Auto Show but is now set for an online unveiling in August, when performance and pricing details will be revealed. Then we’ll discover whether this really is a hydrogen hypercar or just plain hype.

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