Hedon X Morgan: The Delicate Art Of Form And Function

The founders of Hedon have long held a profound admiration for Morgan and its exceptional handcrafted automobiles.

DSD07799 Kopie

The Morgan brand has consistently embodied timeless elegance and unmatched craftsmanship, as well as innovation—qualities that have deeply inspired Hedon. Just as Morgan has a rich heritage

and a commitment to excellence, Hedon is dedicated to upholding these principles. At Hedon, they tirelessly innovate and meticulously design their products, believing that form and function should harmonize seamlessly to effortlessly elevate style. Drawing from the same well of passion and dedication that Morgan Motors has exemplified over the years, Hedon ensures that its offerings resonate with the same spirit of sophistication and artistry that Morgan cars have come to represent.

That’s why when Morgan chose Hedon to create a set of helmets for their Super 3 Cars for their experience center, it was a moment filled with great honor and pride. The brand that Hedon held in admiration and looked up to for inspiration had acknowledged and appreciated the same passion and quality in their craft. It was a moment they did not and still do not take lightly.

Here are some photos and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the making of the first Hedon x Morgan helmet.


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