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Back in early 2005 when diesel was the fuel of recommendation for environmental reasons V petrol/Gasoline I purchased an almost new only 8000km BMW X5 3.0 D 218HP.

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I have run the car ever since and it’s now done over 400,000 km. Incredibly it runs really well still with a long long list of tyres/brake pads/discs and door handles replaced. The main secret to its long life has been running 10/40 semi synthetic oil changed with filter every 9-10,000km. I have done 90% of the maintenance myself except when special tools are needed.

My advice from 18.5 years and all those km is to ignore the OEM advice and change the oil more often. The 20,000 KM ++ inter service intervals are too long, no oil is still working well at that distance! I have a Golf also approaching 400,000km, again, it’s benefitted from my tender oil care. I wonder if I can get another T-shirt if I send it to Ukraine too?

FREE T-shirt with every car donated plus a happy ending too!

Who could ask for more?

I have reading an article that if you donate your 4 X 4 to the Cars 4 Ukraine charity you get a free T-shirt! This offer was too good to resist, not many people get not just a free T shirt but a nice ending for your vehicle. You know it has many more miles left in it but it’s sale value is low. What better place and usage than it being send to Ukraine to help in deliveries, supplies movement and rapid extraction of injured soldiers from the huge front line.

The message is clear, give your old 4×4 a second life and get a genuine ‘Feel-Good-T Shirt !’

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