Goodwood Revival 2023: A Journey Into The World Of Automotive Fascination

There are moments in the life of a photographer that feel like a dream, and my visit to the Goodwood Revival 2023 was undoubtedly one of those moments. For many years, I had this legendary event in my sights, and for the 75th anniversary celebration, I finally made the journey to England. My goal: To solidify my career as a photographer and establish myself in the world of automotive enthusiasts, creating a second career alongside my job as a Key Account Manager at Mercedes-Benz. Even a few days after the Revival, I still feel like I’m trapped in a different reality.

Goodwood Revival 2023: A Journey Into The World Of Automotive Fascination

This feeling is akin to being in love – an overwhelming high that lingers. The Goodwood Revival transports you back in time, creating a world that remains vivid in my mind. The entire event, from the impressive tickets to arrival at the festival grounds, is simply unique. Meticulous planning and flawless execution by the organizers are impressive. Everything worked seamlessly, from the parking lot to access to the grounds. The various areas and attractions are so beautifully designed that you feel like you’re strolling through a dream world.


Particularly impressive is the traditional driver’s paddock. Seeing and hearing the racing vehicles from the mid-20th century, each with its own storied history, is simply breathtaking. The deafening roar of the engines, the lovingly detailed craftsmanship of the vehicles, the dedication of the racers, mechanics, and owners of these mid-20th-century racing machines – all these elements contribute to the incomparable atmosphere. The sound of the engines before and during the races, whether from vintage motorcycles or race cars, the small stages with Rock ‘n’ Roll musicians, and the Champagne tent with a big band and dancing visitors are simply overwhelming.


The airfield houses impeccably preserved historic World War II aircraft, complete with personnel in authentic attire, adding to the authenticity of the Goodwood Revival. Visitors were clothing from the respective time periods, and it becomes evident that they’re not just dressed up; they’re fully immersed in the Goodwood Revival experience. Even with the Revival sold out, it never felt crowded. There was always a pleasant atmosphere, and as a passionate photographer, I could grab my camera all the time to capture the moments.


Even on early mornings, you’re awakened by the powerful sound of engines, and shortly thereafter, three historic Spitfire fighter planes fly overhead, offering an extraordinary aerial show. The vintage market with its hundreds of carefully selected stands is perfectly organized and stocked. The fairground creates the impression of stepping into a long-forgotten era. Families transport themselves back in time during this weekend, organizing picnics. It’s heartwarming to watch the children’s eyes light up as they sit behind the fence, watching the races of the historic cars.

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I could go on endlessly about my impressions, but I believe my pictures should also contribute to the narrative.

I’m more than willing to offer my services as a photographer and filmmaker to capture your unique moments. The Goodwood Revival 2023 was not just an event for me; it was a journey through time that I’ll never forget.

It captured my heart and drew me even deeper into the world of motorsport.

See you in 2024, Goodwood !

Photos by Marc Kandel

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