Dealer profile and featured Classics for Ascott Collection

Satisfying the expectations of the most demanding collectors: Making full use of its wide experience, Ascott Collection possesses real ability to source and sell outstanding cars from all over the world, invariably providing informed advice.

Transparency is the cornerstone of Ascott's ability to act solely in the interest of its customers and in complete confidentiality.

Focusing on the very finest specimens: Ascott's philosophy rests on a selective approach to cars that stand out by their beauty, their history, their track record or their overall condition.

Independence and discretion: Thanks to its independence in terms of its capital and business interests, Ascott conducts each of its operations in the sole interest of its clients and in the utmost discretion.

All featured Classics from Ascott Collection

2004 Lola B2K/40 LMP2

The Lola B2K/40, a rising star in the SR2 and LMP675 categories Smaller, lighter but also more affordable than its big sister, the Lola B2K/10, [...]

1999 Lola B98/10 LMP900

The Lola B98/10: the return to endurance racing Unveiled in Atlanta in September 1998, the Lola B98/10 marked the return of the Huntingdon [...]

1996 Riley & Scott MKIII

The benchmark American car at the time of the WSC Category Which car in the Sport-Prototype category of the mid-90s symbolizes the American fire [...]

1996 Venturi 600 LM-S

1993 – 1996 : from the 500 LM to the 600 LM-S The 4th February 1993 saw the presentation of the Venturi 500 LM with its aim, the Le Mans 24 Hours [...]

1989 Tiga GC289

During the 1980s, Tim Schenken and Howden Ganley, the founders of the Tiga brand, built numerous chassis for the C2 category. These two former [...]

1993 – 1995 Venturi 600 LM GT1

Rare Venturi 600 LM very important racing history The VENTURI 600 LM shown here left the works in 1993 as a VENTURI 500 LM, chassis N° 05. As [...]

1981-1982 ATS D5 Formula One

Raced in 1981 by Slim Borgudd (drummer for ABBA band), and in 1982 by Eliseo Salazar and Manfred Winkelhock. Full rebuilt just completed. Engine [...]

1964 AC Cobra MKII FIA

It is a one off car that is completely handmade out of aluminium by AC Car Group Ltd. In 1996, planned to produce a limited edition of only 25 AC [...]

1970 Chevron B16 04

An authentic Chevron B16 with a well-known history The Chevron B16 # DBE04 was part of the first series of nine Chevron B16s fitted with the [...]

1955 Lister Knobbly

In the late 50s, the appearance of Listers jostled the established order In 1957, Brian Lister developed the Lister Jaguar which quickly made its [...]

1955 Cooper Bristol T40

Jack Brabham’s first Formula 1 car The only driver to have won the Formula 1 World Championship at the wheel of one of his own cars, Jack Brabham [...]


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