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Very rare and unique Aston Martin DB2 in immaculate condition, which comes with lots of documentation!

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Much rarer than this car you will not come across. In short a left-hand drive Aston Martin DB2, originally delivered in The Netherlands, is not to be found. It concerns an Aston Martin DB2 uniquely fitted with a factory sunroof, an extended rear window and 3 SU-carburetors instead of the usual 2. Today this factory outfit is unique and to Gallery Aalderings knowledge, there is no other DB2 alike.

The Aston Martin DB2 was the first model produced in serious numbers, be it still a moderate number of 411 cars, of which only 306 coupes. The model was produced from 1950 till 1953. The engine of this Aston Martin DB2 is a 2.6 litre straight 6, designed by W.O. Bentley. The engine at the time in combination with a state of the art chassis, have been important ingredients to come in first and second at Le Mans in 1950 and 3rd in 1951.

Eventually, the DB2 was shipped from The Netherlands to the USA. It is remarkable this car has spent a fair amount of time in showrooms. This surely has contributed to the fact this Aston Martin DB2 had hardly any signs of rust nor has it been damaged by accidents and still is a truly beautiful example. At the time in 1967, the owner took this car to the UK to participate in a Concours d’Elegance and it was awarded the first prize in its class. The car has since won several other beauty contests and finally returned to the USA in 1969.

The Aston Martin DB2 was sold but remained a Concours winner. In Mid 1970 Bob Tuccio bought the car. Despite the fact the car was still beautiful and sound and was winning prices, Bob was of the opinion it was time to even further improve this DB2 to the level of perfection.

A total restauration was completed. The next owner described the process of restauration as improving an already immaculate car to the highest standard. In 1994 the DB2 was acquired by a car enthusiast who was keen to also regularly drive the Aston contrary to his predecessors as it predominantly was located in the showroom of Miller Motorcars in Greenwich Connecticut. He bought the car to replace his other Aston Martin DB2, considering the newly bought DB2 was costing a fraction compared to restoring the DB2 he already owned to the level of the newly bought.

Consequently, the owner kept it in pristine condition and drove the car on a regular basis. The ultimate goal of the new owner was very simple: “Use the DB2 on a regular basis and keep it in top condition”. This owner took the effort to write down his experience with this immaculate Aston Martin DB2 concluding this car performs at its best by driving it regularly over longer distances, as it needs to reach the proper engine temperature.

The body of this Aston Martin DB2 has recently been resprayed. The overall condition of this DB2 in one word is ‘immaculate’. The fittings and bodywork exhibit excellent aligned panelwork. The interior matches the quality of the exterior and as one may expect the overall condition of the DB2 is mint.

Be seated behind the steering wheel and experiencing the quality of the interior will leave you with an impression you will never forget. All original instruments and switches are functioning as they should. As one may expect, a lot of attention and effort has been invested to keep the technical side of this car at the required level. The engine bay looks clean and tidy and houses the original engine, as can be verified from the Heritage certificate. The documentation testifies the original engine was overhauled in 2009 at a cost of USD 22.500,–.

The triple SU-carburetors clearly contribute to the performance of this engine, which runs smoothly at the same time delivering a lot of power as and when required. A tribute should be made to Mr W.O. Bentley who delivered a true piece of art by designing this DOHC straight-six engine. The transmission, gearbox and chassis are also in top condition, and together with the beautiful looks and excellent performing engine deliver the ultimate driving experience.

Lots of documents come with this car, including photographs covering and describing the history of this car as well as heritage certificate, build sheet, original folder, invoices etc. This Aston Martin DB2 is not only fantastic to drive it provides also an excellent opportunity to participate in rally’s such as, for instance, the Mille Miglia.

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