1936 Lagonda LG 45

Gallery Aaldering

Gallery Aaldering is offering this stunning Lagonda LG 45 for sale. The car has a Fiva Pass and some general paperwork. This is a wonderful Lagonda LG45 with spectacular Le Mans coachwork in good mechanical as well as presentation.


A car used to be allowed to be stylish, and having flowing bodywork and a boat tail was considered to be a statement of luxury. These days that kind of panache is rarely seen. This car on the other hand exemplifies all of the design features mentioned. This is a beautiful 1936 Lagonda LG45. The car has an open tourer body. The car is in great condition and drives a treat. What a car, huh?

Even according to British standards, the Lagonda is very special. After having cemented his name by winning the exceedingly tough 1910 Moscow to St Petersburg rally with a Lagonda 30HP Six, Lagonda decided afterwards to concentrate on building smaller cars with smaller engines. These models turned out not to be as successful as the larger models. Later the company reverted to building large cars with larger engines. This car was initially supplied in the United Kingdom, staying in the same family for many years.

The Lagonda’s coachwork was a later addition. The car left the factory in 1936 with a so-called 4-seater body. At a later stage the car received the Le Mans style body you see here. The work was carried out to very high standards, as is still very much in evidence. Whilst the bodywork and paint may have suffered a little over the years, the quality of the craftsmanship is undisputable.

The car has wonderful 18-inch wire wheels shod in good Michelin tyres. The mudguards have been beautifully formed to follow the bodyline in an unsurmountable fashion. The fact the bodywork does carry signs of use only adds to its patina. The previous owner did use the car quite a bit whilst travelling, occasionally for days on end. This, of course, was exactly what the car had been designed to do.

The interior is in good used condition. The leather has developed a fine patina and its blue contrasts wonderfully well with the burgundy red coachwork. All of the instruments and controls are neat and work as intended. The car offers space for four passengers and as was customary the interior was clad in fine carpets. The sporty seats offer plenty of support without being uncomfortable. The large steering wheel helps in changing course as, of course, this car does not have power steering.

The Lagonda LG45 has a 4.5-litre engine, initially designed by Meadows and later modified by W.O. Bentley, the very same founder of that illustrious brand. The engine excels in running extremely smooth with enormous lower end torque. The four-speed manual gearbox is well suited to the car. The suspension and drum brakes on all fours are all in good repair. The Lagonda is due to its enormous straight-six remarkably fleet for a car of this size and age. After a few metres, it becomes clear why the car was often used for days of touring.

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