Wheels And Weisswuerscht

It’s time to swing open the garage door and bring your much loved classic out to play. Two wheels or four, who’s counting? So why not indulge in a weekend spin and pay a visit at BMW Group Classic. On the first and third Saturday of the month, from May to October, they’re opening their doors for a series of “Wheels & Weißwürscht” events (Weißwürscht is a traditional Bavarian sausage, by the way).

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“Wheels & Weißwürscht” is the perfect opportunity to discover what’s going on round the way. At each event, you’ll be able to take a sneaky peak into their vehicle hall – and admire the automotive rarities within. That just leaves the teasing question of which example of classic motordom you’ll be pulling up in (or on). BMW Group Classic certainly can’t wait to find out.



Every visitor rocking up with a vintage motor or recent classic will be given a token for two Weisswürscht sausages and a pretzel. Needless to say, cars and bikes from all manufacturers are welcome. So get ready to rumble! As we all know, it’s not where you’re going that counts but how you get there. Having said that, if where you’re going happens to be full of classic vehicles and sausages, so much the better. BMW Group Classic looks forward to welcome you.



BMW Group Classic is very happy that, in compliance with hygiene and distancing rules, Wheels & Weisswürscht finally can take place again, on Saturday June 20th. To assure that this Saturday will not be a singular event, please read and follow the following guidelines & rules.

Thanks for understanding and respecting the circumstances – BMW Group Classic is looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.


  • June 20.
  • July 4. and 18.
  • August 1. and 15.
  • September 5. and 19.

Opening hours:

9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

BMW Group Classic Vehicle collection opening hours:

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


BMW Group Classic, Moosacher Straße 66, 80809 Munich.
Limited parking on the premises, further parking possibilities nearby.

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