Weekend Heroes: 3rd Running Paramount Ranch Road Race

Saturday’s races looked like a repeat of the „Lakes of Pomona“, but drainage at Paramount was much better than Pomona and it rained only a short time, not all day. An estimated 15.000 spectators braved the hot sun on Sunday.

Weekend Heroes: 3rd Running Paramount Ranch Road Race

Weekend Heroes: 3rd Running Paramount Ranch Road Race, March 1957

This is the line-up for race No. 3 with Jay Hills’ red and white Porsche 356 Speedster Carrera carefully covered for the torrential showers; the #62 green-and-white MG A is John Lumkin’s mount. Hills started in the second row, behind Ed Barker’s Super Speedster who won this lap-go. Second home was Jimmy Moore, also on Porsche and third was Jay Hills.

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