VW Golf II Bi-Motor Pikes Peak

In the spring of this year, after more than 30 years, Volkswagen presented the restored double heart legend of Pikes Peak, which was launched in 1987 at the most famous mountain race in the world.

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Jochi Kleint and his dual motorized Golf II were in the area of the fastest time coming up to the finish line – but an unrecognized crack in the grease nipple hole of the right-hand universal ball joint led to the decease of the tie rod end and thus to the end. In racing mode, the two 1.8-liter engines from the Golf II GTI 16 V developed a total maximum output of 480 kW (652 hp) thanks to 1.6 bar boost pressure from one KKK turbocharger – at a combat weight of just 1.020 kilograms. The VW Twin Golf Pikes Peak is a one-of-a-kind piece and was created by engineer legend Kurt Bergmann and his team in just 6 months.

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Report by collectorscarworld / rs65photos.com

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