Travel In Style: Tissier Transporter & DS Cabriolet

When the new Citroen DS was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1955, there was great astonishment. The world had never seen a car like this before. Hydropneumatic chassis, hydraulic semi-automatic and the shape created by the French / Italian architect and designer Flamino Bertoni. Flamimo Bertoni, drew sketches for a DS convertible as early as 1954.

Travel In Style: Tissier Transporter & DS Cabriolet

1960, 5 years after DS production started with the Limousine, Citroen decided to produce a convertible version of the DS. The production order went to the Ateliers Chapron, which became the image of outstanding craftsmanship. First the convertibles were sold by Chapron, later by Citroen directly. Those cars called “Factory convertibles” (Usine).

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Tissier Transporter

Pierre Tissier founded his company ADPT in the early 1970s and applied for a patent for the Citroen DS conversions. The “millipedes” are becoming a transport miracle in France. Publishers used the long Citroen as “express transporters” for their newspapers and car transporters as comfortable packhorses. Here you have the opportunity to acquire a pair that is definitely very unique. The Tissier was rebuilt in the early 1970s. The Citroen chassis dates from 1970. Numerous improvements make this Tissier a unique piece. The front end was converted to a 1967 front. The transporter is powered by a 2.3ie injection engine and 126 hp, the largest and most powerful engine there was for a DS. The “gill fenders” are from 1961 and serve to reduce the heat build up. Inside, everything was lined with very well-sewn leather. The seating set comes from a DS Pallas. Originally the Tissier was used in southern France in the Bouches-du-Rhone department.

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The DS Cabriolet dates from 1969 and has been very well restored with parts of an original factory convertible. A hardtop, that makes the convertible look like a coupé, is very rare. The DS is powered by probably the best engine in the series, the 2.1 liter carburetor engine and 104 hp.

Both vehicles have a fresh technical control and a German H- license plate and are ready for immediate use!

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