This Is The Gumpert Methanol-Powered EV Supercar

A road-legal, electric super sports car with racing performance — The new Nathalie is an uncompromising electric super sports car. It is one of the fastest and most dynamic sports cars you can drive with a license plate on the normal road.

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The Nathalie is the embodiment of freedom – unencumbered ecological freedom – of unlimited, carefree movement, of conscientious speed. It is what you would like to have when you imagine the future. And with its 2 Way energy concept, it is more versatile and variable than almost anything before it.

It’s your split time!

A coupé with racing genes, grille frame, carbon chassis, all- wheel drive, vortex generator, rear diffuser, and rear spoiler – ready for fun on the circuit; with a rally feeling on the mountain track; silent cruising through the inner city; or just showing off on Highway No. 1 – the street-legal electric super sports car with track performance.

At home on the streets and roads, and always prepared for the race track

Range without recharging

The Nathalie utilizes a technology enabling extensive ranges without the need to recharge – an enormous advantage especially in areas lacking EV charging stations. The Nathalie Fuel Cell works environmentally friendly with methanol and delivers a permanent power of 15 kW. Range? Unlimited!

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Nathalie – all-electric, but unlimited like a GT

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Enduring power! 2Way electric car

roland gumpert nathalie siedview full fe22The car is fueled by methanol – in just three minutes. Methanol provides energy using an electrochemical reaction thus it is far superior to all known fuels, as it can be synthesized in an environmentally neutral way. The car is refueled in just three minutes, and sufficient energy is available for the continuation of your journey. Uncompromising – how typical of Gumpert!



Super­ sports­ car for a new era

Its appearance is that of a futuristic, technologically-inspired Coupé, the technology straight out of a race car. The Nathalie is pure concentration on the next curve with everything focused for the driver – everything quickly viewed and available. With its sporty, minimalistic design, it lays the lines for the ultimate electric vehicle.

»One particular challenge was designing an electric super sports car without classic, iconic elements such as tailpipes.«

(Lorenz Loew, Designer)


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