Theon Design Has Supercharged A Porsche 911

UK-based reimaginers of the Porsche 911 Theon Design have revealed the latest performance enhancements now available for ‘restomod’ builds. Somewhat a deviation from absolute purism, is the addition of a whacking great Rotrex supercharger to the 3.6-litre flat-six engine.

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Based on a 964 underpinning, this commission, designated BEL001 given that it’s going to Belgium, has a full 405PS (298kW) thanks to the addition of that supercharger. Supporting it are twin charge coolers, which work in tandem with a water-methanol injection system.

“We opted for the charge coolers as they negate the need for an intercooler that would be challenging to package in a 964’s compact engine bay,” said Adam Hawley, founder and head of Theon Design.

“This setup means we can avoid adding air intake apertures to the bodywork, retain the super-clean, distinctly ‘Theon’ look that’s so important to us, both in the engine bay, and externally. The water-methanol solution adds an additional source of cooling, whilst also upping the octane rating of the fuel from 98 to 110+, providing a significant increase in power, too.”

Under the blower are independent throttle bodies, flowed and ported heads, a lightened bottom end, custom cams and more. More power would theoretically be possible, but it was deemed essential to maintain the distinctive feel of the air-cooled flat-six in terms of power band.

Design wise on the outside it’s very much more early 911 in theme, albeit exaggerated and formed largely in carbon-fibre. On the inside, the cabin has been retrimmed and enhanced, with more supportive Recaro-framed seats. There are subtly-integrated modern touches too, such as a magnetic wireless charger for your phone mounted behind the dash.

Interested? Well, it’ll set you back £380,000 not including a donor car and take 18 months to build. These 911 obsessives ordering their restomods are as well-heeled as they are patient…

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