The Secret Racecar

Maria loves adventures and is always open to discovery. Then, on a relaxed and very cold morning in December, a special encounter takes place.

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Grischa has discovered in a remote garage an old racecar from 1959…

…something that exists only once in the world. Handmade , with a beautiful blue aluminum dress and a stunning body. Fast, loud and over 400 horsepower. With beautiful patina from racing over the years. And a huge four spoke steering wheel , to be in awe of.

Faded race stickers and race numbers , which can tell many stories. And the blue behemoth has a big fin that proudly stretches up to the sky in white war paint. These fins were already known from the Jaguar D-Type from Le Mans and they were from aircraft construction, so that the race car becomes a few seconds faster and has more stability at high speeds. The driver of this “Widow Maker” sits outside completely without a protective windshield. „Scarab“ is read on the front of the hood.

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Maria chose something special for the unusual encounter. A handmade red silk overall , which perfectly emphasizes her own aerodynamics. Matching is what they call it in the jargon. In the semi-darkness of the enchanted garage, both main characters fit together perfectly. And Grischa uses the wonderful light effects and colors for special photographs. We don’t need to say more here…

We are already looking forward to the next adventures with Grischa.

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The Secret Racecar



Grisha Georgiev @doublegpictures
Maria @maria_beigel
Outfit: @ritalagune
Bts: @publiclens_videography

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