TAG HEUER Aquaracer Professional 200 Solargraph

Integrating the Solargraph technology, a solar-powered movement, this 40mm TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 presents a light, tapered design with heavy-duty titanium grade 2 to ensure maximal robustness and versatility in extreme conditions. The perfect companion for all sports and nature lovers.

WBP1180.BF0000 USP3

The Watch To Wear Outdoors
The subtle polar blue color touches – an iconic evocation of the northern lights which illuminates the nights in the Arctic Circle – on the sunray brushed black dial bring out the watch’s pressure-proof full sandblasted titanium grade 2 build.

The Sun Runs The Game
Using any source of light, the sun’s limitless energy source, and any artificial light source, the new Solargraph Calibre provides uninterrupted power for exceptional performances day and night.

Ultra-Light Titanium
Resilient under extreme pressure, the three-row, full sandblasted titanium grade 2 bracelet and matching folding clasp with comfort extension link blends timeless style and reliability.

Complimentary Travel Pouch
Receive our exclusive packaging and a complimentary TAG Heuer travel pouch when buying this watch on the official TAG Heuer website.


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