The I.C.E. St. Moritz Returns In 2024

The cold weather is approaching and for classic car enthusiasts, and others, this means that one of the most eagerly awaited concours d’elegance of the season, as exclusive as it is spectacular, is just around the corner. After the success of the 2023 edition, the now well-established event of The I.C.E. St. Moritz returns. For one weekend, the famous Engadine resort will be transformed into an open-air museum of unique cars, extraordinary examples of a refined balance between design, refinement and performance. 


The frozen lake, as always, will be the heart of the entire event. A magical visual and aural backdrop, where the international public – collectors, car lovers, design and luxury lifestyle enthusiasts of the widest spectrum – will be able to enjoy the beauty of genuine works of art, enhanced by the majesty of the landscape.
After all, here, for a few months of the year, the White Cube so beloved of the art world naturally appears amidst the snow-capped mountains reflected in the mirror of water, making this place the ideal exhibition space to present any masterpiece. In this extraordinary setting, the snowy surface of the lake will create an exceptional, almost unreal white backdrop against which the cars will naturally shine.
Last year’s inaugural format is reconfirmed.

On Friday 23, a day dedicated to the static exhibition, the cars will be presented to the public and the media, looking proud and statuesque in their immobility in an absolutely unparalleled setting.


THE ICE 8 scaled
The owners will have the opportunity to tell the cars’ stories and share their uniqueness, while the jury will have an initial opportunity to evaluate them.
Saturday 24 will be more dynamic. The cars will create a truly breathtaking spectacle as they parade across the frozen lake. However, on this track, by its very nature treacherous and, precisely for this reason, so captivating and exciting, the real challenge for the owners at the wheel will be to find the right balance between speed, elegance and aesthetics of movement.
The participating cars will be selected by a committee of experts within four categories:
  1. Barchettas on the Lake – two-seater racing cars, dubbed after the popular term first used by Giovanni Canestrini in reference to the historic Ferrari 166 in 1948, which seem to find their natural habitat in this setting with subtle irony;
  2. Open wheels – extraordinary single-seaters from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, the golden age of motor racing, conceived expressly for track driving and in which mechanical engineering coexisted in perfect symbiosis with aesthetic beauty;
  3. Concept Cars & One Offs – unique examples, born from the creative genius of visionary minds, or tailor-made according to the taste, character and personality of their owner;
  4. Icons on Wheels – timeless class and charm for these iconic cars, possessing a regal, timeless dignity, while remaining witness to the fashion and style of an era.
Everything is in place for the new edition of The I.C.E. St. Moritz.
All that remains is to wait for nature to take its course and for the frozen lake to be ready once again this year to give us its unrivalled atmosphere. That atmosphere that will once again give us The I.C.E. ‘On top of the World’.
The I.C.E. St. Moritz – The International Concours of Elegance
The brainchild of Marco Makaus in 2019, the event has been included among the Diamond Events of Engadin St. Moritz Tourism AG since 2020. Since its first edition, The I.C.E. St. Moritz has created an unprecedented format in the world of concours d’elegance: a mix of art and sport, static and dynamic in a unique location. The event, inseparable from the lake that hosts it, has always been held with respect for the Engadin’s environmental and natural heritage. Participating cars are carefully selected and public access limited in order to safeguard its priceless value.


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