The Alpine A110 R Radical

From its chassis to its lightweight, aerodynamic design, this car was built for the track but approved for the road.

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Radical new thrills

Take a deep breath. Grip the wheel. Hear the motor hum. With A110 R, a steep and winding road is all you need to experience thrills like never before. Lower, faster, more dynamic, with its sharpened chassis. Its Matt Racing Blue livery immerses you in the sporty universe of your BWT Alpine F1® Team. You are behind the wheel of the most radical Alpine car.

Carbon-fibre power

F1® carbon is incorporated into every element – front blade, bonnet, side skirts, rear spoiler, diffuser, rear window, special wheel rims – to offer a radically lighter A110 R, shaving off 34 kg* (lighter than the A110 with Aero Kit and without carbon roof.) for optimum performance.

More than a sports car, it’s a racing car

The engineers are obsessed with allowing you to drive as fast as possible on the straights, while maintaining an optimum speed on bends, just like on a Formula 1® race track. The team has worked tirelessly with the BWT Alpine F1® Team to offer you a racing car approved for the road.



Your trajectories have never been so precise. An exclusive chassis, which is 10 mm lower than a A110 S. It can be adjusted by an additional 10 mm on the track and has a unique combination of carbon wheel rims/Michelin PS Cup 2 semi-slick tyres, and more. Everything to make you smile during everyday driving and on the track.



The entire aerodynamics has been redesigned so that your A110 R sticks to the road. With its diffuser, rear spoiler with gooseneck attachment, side skirts, Aerocarbon wheel rims, nothing has been left to chance.
Result: up to 29 kg extra downforce compared to an A110 S Aero Kit and 5% less drag to reach 285 km/h on the track!


Maximum speed: 285 km/h on the track
Lighter, more aerodynamic, the A110 R is the fastest in its range.

0 to 100 km/h: 3.9 sec
The Launch Control propels the A110 R to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds.

Standing start: 21.9 sec for 1,000 m
The A110 R joins the world of sports cars able to cover 1,000 m within 22 seconds from a standing start.

Open the door to new sensations




The cockpit is made entirely of microfibre and  the fabric straps for opening the doors remind you that this car is made to race on the track.

Sabelt track seat


Strap yourself into the monocoque carbon Sabelt track seat, fitted with a 6-point racing harness; now you know how it feels to line up at the starting line.



Your A110 R´s number engraved on a plate located under the central console is unique.

Unique sound


New sensations provided by the brand new exhaust system with 3D printed central twin pipe. An Alpine signed sporty sound.

A110 R Fernando Alonso


An exclusive edition

32 units to represent the driver’s 32 wins in Formula 1® over the course of his career. A110 R Fernando Alonso is where the track meets the road. It combines our F1 expertise, the know-how of the legendary driver, and Alpine’s precision and agility. On this ultimate version, Fernando himself fine tuned the suspension system, covered by an exclusive patent, to deliver the same intense thrills the driver experiences on the track. With this innovation, you can reproduce these adjustments easily.
There’s more: Fernando Alonso also had a hand in designing both the exterior and interior, making this special edition A110 R one elegant, unique and radical sports car.


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