The 81MM Race List

The opening weekend of Goodwood’s 2024 motorsport season will take place on 13th-14th April with the 81st Members’ Meeting and Goodwood is very pleased to announce the full line-up of 13 races that will make up the weekend.

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Goodwood has already announced the new Ken Miles Cup which will no doubt wow the crowds and delight fans of Pony Cars the world over with its all-Ford Mustang, two-driver race. Now Goodwoos can reveal the other ten contests which will be fought out over 12 individual races.

Hailwood Trophy

Pre-1984 250cc and 350cc Grand Prix Motorcycles and pre-1973 Formula 750 motorcycles.

Split into two parts, the Members’ Meetings’ bike race sees a twin challenge for Grand Prix bikes up to 1984 and Formula 750 bikes from before 1973. Winners will be decided by an aggregate of the races on Saturday and Sunday. Expect to see the likes of the Yamaha TZ350G, Honda CB750 and Ducati 750S on the grid.

S.F. Edge Trophy

Edwardian racing cars and aero-engined specials from the early 20th century.

A perennial favourite ever since its inception at the 74th Members’ Meeting, the S.F. Edge Trophy is back for another year. Adopting the format pioneered at Goodwood SpeedWeek, these incredible pre-war machines will race twice over the weekend in two exciting five-lap sprints. Returning stars expected to fight again include the Sunbeam Indianpolis, Darracq 200hp and the legendary ‘Beast of Turin’ – the Fiat S76. The two races will be split across both days of the event, so no matter which day you see you’re guaranteed some Edwardian action.

Gordon Spice Trophy

Group 1 touring cars that raced between 1970 and 1982.

Returning to a more familiar format is the Gordon Spice Trophy, perhaps the Blue Riband event of the revived Goodwood Members’ Meetings. Group 1 touring cars, which raced across Europe and in the British Saloon Car Championship include Fords Capri, Mustang and Escort, Chevrolet Camaro Z28, Rover SD1 and even the Mini 1275GT. Last year the Gordon Spice Trophy moved to a format of two qualifying heats on Saturday and one final on Sunday, but for 2024 it will return to its more traditional layout. On Saturday evening the cars will race for 45 minutes including a driver change mid-race. Expect to see some of the stars of modern racing jumping into historic touring cars once more.

Derek Bell Cup

1,000cc Formula 3 cars built between 1964 and 1970.

A sixth appearance for the F3 ‘screamers’, with their high-revving 1.0-litre engines positioned behind the driver. Very much resembling miniature F1 cars of the era, these were the machines that launched the careers of drivers including the man whose name adorns the race – Derek Bell. While they are miniature, the show that these junior machines put on is anything but, with regular race long battles that you’ll struggle to take your eyes off. Cars will include the likes of the Brabham BT28, Chevron B15 and March 703 and race for 20 minutes.

Parnell Cup

Grand Prix, Formula 2 and voiturette cars that raced between 1935 and 1953.

When racing began at Goodwood these were the cars that would have been on a single-seater, open-wheel grid. New cars of the era were joined by cars that had been hidden away during the ravages of World War 2, meaning grids were filled with everything from the Cooper-Bristol T23 to the Maserati 4CM. At the very first event on the Goodwood Motor Circuit it was Reg Parnell who triumphed in the inaugural Goodwood Trophy and his name proudly adorns the celebration of that amazing era.

Ken Miles Cup

One-make race for Ford Mustangs.

Celebrating 60 years of the Ford Mustang the only way we all know – by racing 30 of them head-to-head for 45 minutes with some of the world’s best drivers at the wheel. The Ken Miles Cup will see the kind of evocative Pony Car racing that cannot fail to get the blood pumping. With two-drivers in each car Goodwood expects to see some of the best Le Mans, F1 and BTCC drivers go-head-to-head for victory.

Graham Hill Trophy

Closed-cockpit GT cars that raced up to 1966.

A fifth Members’ Meeting outing for the Graham Hill Trophy brings the kinds of cars that raced in the later RAC TTs at Goodwood back out in force. The Graham Hill Trophy has brought excitement and muscular GT racing to the Members’ Meetings since 74MM back in 2016. When it returns to the Goodwood Motor Circuit in 2024 it will be filled with Jaguar E-types, AC Cobras and even the Lotus 26R, recreating an era when Goodwood was at the very heart of modern sportscar racing.

Surtees Trophy

Sports-racing prototypes raced from 1960-1966…

Il Grande John was as well known in his era for racing sportscars as he was for his Formula 1 exploits (and winning the Motorcycle World Championship). The sight of Surtees in a Lola T70 was just as normal as in a Ferrari Formula 1 car, so it’s logical that the race for the later Can-Am and other unlimited sportscars is named after him. These prototype racing cars include the likes of the aforementioned T70 Spyder as well as the McLaren M1A and Ford GT40.

Grover-Williams Trophy

1920s Grand Prix cars.

Back for the first time since the very first revived Goodwood Members’ Meeting is the Grover Williams Trophy. Back then it was an all-Bugatti race, but for 2024 Goodwood will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bugatti Type 35 by racing it against its contemporary foes. These stunning Grand Prix cars of the 1920s are always an incredible sight on track, and Goodwood expects the Type 35s to be joined by fellow Bugatti Type 51s, Delage Type 15 S8s and more. The name comes from William Grover-Williams, the man who won the first ever Monaco Grand Prix at the wheel of a Bugatti Type 35B.

Gordon Spice Sprint

Group 1 touring cars that raced between 1970 and 1982.

The second race of the weekend for the Gordon Spice Trophy cars, unlike the event’s split races this is a separate test for just the owners having no bearing on an overall winner. Reversing the grid from the finishing order of the first race this 15-minute sprint will be one of the most exciting races of the weekend, of that Goodwood can guarantee.

Peter Collins Trophy

Sports-racing cars from 1948-1955.

Finishing the weekend in style is the Peter Collins Trophy – an evocation of some of the glory days of the Le Mans 24 Hours and other sportscar races just after World War 2. Cars including the Jaguar D- and C-Type, Aston Martin DB3S and Maserati 300S will race on track just as the spring sun begins to dip in the sky. Namesake Peter Collins made his career in these cars, racing across Europe at the top of sportscar racing.

Filling the weekend with this amazing selection of races will be the traditional Members’ Meeting demos. Goodwood has already announced that Can-Am will be the first of these, seeing some of the most visceral racing cars of all time taking to the track from Shadow, McLaren, Lola and more. Goodwood will be announcing details of the rest of the on-track demonstrations over the coming months.

Full 81MM race list

Saturday Sunday
Hailwood Trophy Part 1 Derek Bell Cup
S.F. Edge Trophy Part 1 Hailwood Trophy Part 2
Gordon Spice Trophy Parnell Cup
Ken Miles Cup
Graham Hill Trophy
Surtees Trophy
S.F. Edge Trophy Part 2
Grover-Williams Trophy
Gordon Spice Sprint
Peter Collins Trophy

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Report by Ben Miles

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