The 2023 Living Vehicle

The Living Vehicle CORE configuration is built to get off-grid with a host of energy-generating resources. Providing absolute freedom from the limitations of the power grid, the electrical system may now be powered by the sun indefinitely without ever needing to plug in.

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Automotive-Grade Power

Created specifically to be used in remote environments, it is now possible to go off-grid indefinitely by creating your own perpetually sustainable power source. Living Vehicle has created a stand-alone electrical powerhouse with an intentionally designed and integrated system. The LV power system leverages automotive-grade lithium technology and the highest energy density on the market.

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The Nicest Bathroom You’ll Ever Find In A Trailer.

Living Vehicle is designed to feel like home. The interior of the LV highlights natural and extremely durable materials and is conceived as a painter’s canvas. Simple, natural and personal. Your LV is as unique as your own taste–a living breathing piece of art that celebrates your own style of life and individuality. The Luxury Finishes package hosts some of the finest materials available on the market.

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Designed to Thrive

Every Living Vehicle is a true 4-Season Unit. Designed specifically to accommodate extended living, the LV is not only capable, but thrives when traveling off-grid in both hot summer and cold winter conditions. Exclusive LV designed conditioned basement keeps tanks, plumbing lines and sensitive electronics at the ideal temperature range-no heating pads required. Tested extensively in our climate control chamber, LV is engineered and certified 4-Season ready! Take LV to the extremes with even more capable temperature ratings with the 4-Season Option Package.


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