Son Bunyola

Located at the heart of Son Bunyola’s 1,300 acres estate, in Mallorca’s Tramuntana Mountains, the Son Bunyola hotel is Sir Richard Branson’s newest hotel. Each of the 26 beautifully designed rooms and suites have their own unique character, charm, and soaring views.

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The Hotel

At the heart of the estate stands the 16th-century Finca, a manor house that has been transformed with meticulous care into a newly established, exclusive luxury hotel. This addition complements the existing trio of villas—Sa Punta de S’Aguila, Son Balagueret, and Sa Terra Rotja—within the sprawling 1,300-acre Son Bunyola estate.

Paying homage to the historical significance of the building, which dates back to the 1500s, has been a cornerstone of the restoration endeavor. The hotel’s design is rooted in traditional and local materials, a testament to its heritage. Every aspect has been intricately considered, with a steadfast commitment to preserving all original features that hold profound importance in the local history.

The formerly standing towers within the main structure have been artfully converted into two Tower Suites, offering captivating vistas of the vineyards and the majestic mountains that lie beyond. The erstwhile olive press has found new life as one of the two restaurants, and the venerable terrace now embraces a splendid pool.

Collaboration with regional Mallorcan firms has played a pivotal role in the transformation. Gras Reynés Architecture Studio, together with the expertise of a local interior designer from Rialto Living, have been instrumental in shaping this remarkable renovation.


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