Schechinger Hats: Passion And Craftsmanship

As an enthusiastic wearer of hats and with a great passion for hats and their traditional production, Rainer Schechinger undertook his journey. The aim was to learn more about manufacturing techniques. He was fascinated by this almost lost craftsmanship.

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Rainer Schechinger met hatmakers, visited hat manufacturers and hat museums, and learned as much as he could about the traditional hatmaker’s craft: over a 125 year old technique that enabled the creation of hats to the best possible quality. A hatmaker from the USA gave him a book from 1919 about SCIENTIFIC HAT MAKING & RENOVATION.

This reading formed the basis of his knowledge for the manufacturing process, the materials and the tools used at the time. Extensive research on the WorldWideWeb supplemented the knowledge from the last century.

The encounter with a retired hatmaker from Paris, was the most important impetus to learn HATMAKING. He became Rainer Schechinger’s mentor. With great precision and patience, he showed him the handcrafts to shape the felt. The handwork with historical tools was entirely captivating and with great pride and curiosity he absorbed his tips and tricks. These inspirations pushed my passion further, so that one mosaic stone after another could be brought together. The studio was created and will continue to develop.

The goal is to make a high quality hat, in tune with the wearer and his wishes. A hat, which becomes more beautiful with time and achieves its own soul that expresses one’s individuality.


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