Rubirosa Gullwing & “Große Freiheit”

We love to connect great personalities. Our new theme for special moments is Passion & Performance. Together with the 300-SL Guru Hans Kleissl, the HK-Engineering owner, we kicked it off. He has always the right cars for these special adventures.


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Recently, we had one of those magic moments on the „ Reeperbahn” in Hamburg – a 300 SL Gullwing can not be seen there every day, and if it is the unique dull gray Gullwing by Porfiori Rubirosa, you can well imagine who has already been co-driver in this wonderful patinated , dark red leather interior: Marilyn Monroe, Soraya or Evita Person. Rubirosa, the biggest playboy of all time, somehow matches perfectly to “Grosse Freiheit”, the center of the notorious „ Reeperbahn“ in Hamburg.

The amusement mile is already famous for itself, and then something unbelievable happens: Princess Lilly zu Sayn Wittgenstein, from the no less famous aristocratic family of 1345, pays a visit. She has petrol in her blood, her father was in leading positions with Porsche and Jaguar and she is an international personality as BRAND AMBASSADOR for BVULGARI , lifestyle and fashion. And with a spontaneous film shoot on the “Große Freiheit“, it all fits together well. Here is the outcome …







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