RM S14 Talisman Origine By Richard Mille

A millennia ago, in a long-since vanished society where mechanics, craftsmanship and spirituality were united, this fascinating object emerged. Discovered in the heart of the Swiss mountains, this pendant was imprisoned for an eternity in its wooden receptacle. Nicknamed “Talisman Origine” by the research teams, this mysterious golden relic certainly encapsulated the know-how of an old Swiss tribe.

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It was with extreme caution that watchmakers at Richard Mille began to analyze the shamanic relic. They used modern manufacturing technologies to learn more about its origin, properties and its functioning. Its skeletonized architecture, its complexity and the precision of its finishing and assembly raised many questions as well as its case composed of rhodonite, titanium and gold, bearing mysterious engraved symbols.

The asymmetry of the work seems to echo the two crowns, one probably dedicated to the sun, the other to the moon.

The discovery of this piece opens up a new perspective on the origins of creativity. Did the invisible energies contained in the ‘Talisman Origine’ control the time, summon spirits, or hold the history of a highly developed Swiss civilization? What is certain is that it transcends the boundaries between the tangible world and the spiritual world. Codename RMS14, this piece , offered to Only Watch is a tribute to this enigmatic object, a Richard Mille interpretation of what this pendent could have looked like centuries past.

  • ID: Talisman Origine Ref. RM S14
    The RMS14 goes beyond the concept of a watch — This unique piece is the essence of Swiss culture — Its case and necklace are fully hand-engraved and integrates rhodonite and wooden parts
  • CASE
    Bezels and caseback: In satin-finished red gold. Hand-polished rims. Hand-engraved symbols painted in gold leaf — Caseband: In grade 5 titanium — Claws : In grade 5 titanium, polished and microblasted with swiss rhodonite inserts
    Calibre CRMT5 — In-house skeletonized automatic-winding tourbillon movement with hours and minutes — Baseplate and bridges made of 3N and 5N gold — Free sprung balance with variable inertia — Variable-geometry rotor
    Necklace made of swiss briarwood, gold, titanium and rhodonite — Threaded on a metal and rubber string
    46.77 x 77.25 x 13.10mm
    CHF 600,000 – 800,000
  • LOT N°38
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