More Than A Car, An Immersive Journey Project H000

After 3 years of design, development and prototyping, the H000 model was born, based on a Porsche 964 Targa.

More Than A Car, An Immersive Journey Project H000

The custom-made vehicle is completely redesigned, first by our automotive designer, then in our 3D de- sign studio. From the most functional elements to the complete identity of the vehicle, everything is designed in line with the customer’s wishes, from the very begin- ning of the process.

In addition to the custom-made aspect, 3D and virtual reality previews are making the process a totally unique immersive journey. Each client is unique, each jour- ney will be unique, each Hedonic creation will be diffe- rent. The customer will infuse his personality into his choices.

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The H000: based on a Porsche 964 Targa

The vehicle is completely recreated from its bare chassis. Noble materials such as aluminium, alcantara, leather have been chosen to bring a human touch into the ma- nufacturing process. There is no industrialized process around the rebirth of this emblematic vehicle, this [re] creation combines craftsmanship, applied arts and cut- ting-edge innovation “by applying a modern design and new technologies on a car of the past”, says the creator.

Hedonic A Story Of [Re]Creation

The concept of Hedonic as imagined by Serge Heitz, its founder, is to give birth or rebirth to exceptional vehicles, cars or motorcycles, and to make unique creations by combining the excellence of a craftsmanship with the de- mand for technology and innovation. These vehicles from the past are part of this rebirth in the future.

A leader in the world of exceptional Porsches, Serge Heitz has already in the past created a buzz about his [re]crea- tions of motorcycles, Land Rovers and various objects. By creating the Hedonic brand with his wife 4 years ago, he offered his customers the opportunity to go even further and take part in a journey that would result in the rebirth of their vehicle.

“Renaissance” also means “re-creating” and this can also convey the idea of “recreation”. The whole HEDONIC brand is based on these values, which give the name its full meaning. In this spirit, Hedonic offers a rich creative world with its collection of clothing, skateboards, sur- fboards, art objects and collaborations with emblematic brands. With this philosophy, Hedonic aims to bringing together a community sensitive to a certain art of living.

From an iconic exception to a more extensive brand terri- tory, there is only one step…


Bildschirmfoto 2022 07 20 um 08.36.22(from Ancient Greek: ἡδονή / hēdone, «pleasure» and suf- fix -ισμός / -ismós). Greek philosophical doctrine according to which the pursuit of pleasure constitutes the main goal of human existence. By extension, it is a conception of the eco- nomy which considers that the purpose of all economic acti- vity only comes down to the pursuit of maximum satisfaction.


(from the Latin recreare at the end of the 14th century, in the sense of “revive”) Relaxation, distraction which follows a se- rious occupation or work. In its most archaic sense, it is sy- nonymous with comfort (1215). This word has been used in schools since 1482. It appears in its current meaning in the 19th century, made from “recreate” and from the word “creation”.


Mechanics. 1559 “set of mechanisms combined so as to produce certain effects” (Amyot, Vies Demetrius, 25 ds Gdf. Compl.); Complex manufactured object capable of transforming one form of energy into another and/ or of using this transformation to produce a given ef- fect, to act directly on the object in order to modify it.


From the Latin creatio, “creation”; and in Old French “act of engendering, procreation”. The action or process of bringing something into existence. Act of producing something new, original, from pre-existing data. Personal, reflective creation.

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