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Iron Heart Hamburg opened its doors and will now be presenting the unique Iron Heart world in the middle of Hamburg between Gänsemarkt and St. Pauli in a 100 square metre space.

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In addition to a very large selection of Iron Heart products, there will be various collaborations in the store, including with Simmons Bilt from Scotland and Dehen 1920 from Portland Oregon. Special Iron Heart collaborations are planned. Iron Heart Hamburg also sells high-quality silver jewelry from the California brand Good Art HLWYD and a selective selection of great Wesco boots. The whole thing is rounded off by leather gloves from Sullivan and Wigwam socks from Oregon, USA.

Shane, Giuli and Klaus, the makers behind Iron Heart Germany have big plans, Hamburg is the first stop possibly further locations in Germany and Europe. Come to the only Iron Heart store outside of Japan. Have a hot coffee or cold beer and dive into the world of “Genuine Quality – Made in Japan”. Service and advice are very important to the boys. Jeans with original hem cut by a Union Special 43200G and jeans repair are offered at a denim studio in Berlin.

There is currently no online shop, the store and customer service have priority. You can always call the boys in Hamburg and philosophize with them about denim. Europe-wide shipping is of course also offered.


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