Porsche 936/81 Spyder

To the museum and back: the Porsche 936 that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1976 and 1977 is brought back for the famous 24-hour race in 1981, as there is not enough time to develop a new car for endurance contests.

IMG 4213Final1500Clocking in at 360 km/h on the Mulsanne Straight, the 936 is the fastest car in the field. Jacky lckx and Derek Bell drive it to the sixth overall victory with a lead of 14 laps over the other cars. At the same time, this victory also meant a jubilee: Thirty years earlier, Porsche started for the first time in this most famous endurance race in the world. At that time, the Type 356 1.1-liter aluminum coupe claimed Porsche’s first class win.

Year of production: 1981 / Engine: 6-cylinder boxer engine / Valves: four-valve, each 2 overhead camshafts / Displacement: 2650 cc / Power: 640 hp (471 kW) at 8000 / min

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Report by Porsche Museum
Photos by rs65photos.com