5 Highlights From Osenat’s Online-Only Auction

Because of the cronavirus crisis, Osenat is running its auctions as online only sales. Bids can be submitted until May 27th. 

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Starting with this green Lamborghini Miura, these are 5 highlight lots! Find out more here



It was on November 26th, 1969 that the chassis 4332 was delivered to Foitek. It is the 38th car ordered in 1969 by the Swiss importer of Lamborghini. It is a first series Lamborghini Miura P400 S, production number 435, Bertone number 535, equipped with the engine 30443. Painted in Verde Miura (reference Bertone 2-445-001) and with an interior in black leatherette and beige fabric, it was sold new, on December 2nd, 1969, to the industrialist Otto Wild living at Banhof Strasse in Muri.

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The latter participated in the Mille Miglia 1951 at the wheel of his Ferrari 340 America Touring Barchetta chassis 0114A in 1950, the same with which he won the International Automobile Elegance Competition in Lucerne the same year, a tasty man. 4332 was then owned by Mr. Faucompré from 1976, it is in this car that he would have met his wife. The car appeared in 1979 in the bulletin n ° 2 of the Lamborghini club of France. It was registered in the Yvelines in 1980. It was in 1982 that Mr. M., the current owner of 4332 acquired it and registered it in the Aube. In 1983, the engine underwent a major overhaul in Jacques Zuliani’s workshops. In 1985, Mr. M. participated with 4332 in the Rally of the Lamborghini club de France in Champagne. The Green Miura was then in the company of Mr. Ray Beverly’s P400 SV 4828, as well as the Mr. Laborde’s P400 3772.

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Jacques Zuliani also participated in this rally in a Maserati Bora and notably provided a set of twelve spark plugs and oil for 4332. Subsequently, the car participated several times in the Golden Age Cups in Montlhéry, crossing again the route of the SV 4828 and treading on its tires the legendary banking of the Autodrome. In 1990, during a rally of the Lamborghini club, a bad closing of the engine hood leads to a complete repair of the latter as well as a painting of the whole of the car in its original color. In 1991, the rear axle was overhauled and the clutch replaced. During the 1990s, 4432 has been the wedding car of the current owner’s son. In 1997, the car underwent a repair of its ignition system and its cooling system at Christian Lory’s workshop, in Dijon. The same year, the front hood was repainted following a bad maneuver. In 2004, part of the upholstery was taken up while respecting the original colors of the passenger compartment. In 2006, the engine underwent major maintenance for a refurbishment carried out at the Garage Jacques Bourgoin in Poitiers, with parts purchased from P3 Automobiles in Cannes la Bocca. Recently, in 2018, the car underwent a revision, including the engine gaskets and a replacement of the clutch transmitter. Today, 4332 is in a state of rare authenticity. Both door handles have the number 535, as does the front hood. Its rear hood bears the number 59, it comes from the Miura 3117. Its engine bears the number 30443, it is indeed its original engine having never been recast, produced on February 4, 1969.


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The front and rear cylinder heads respectively bear the dates 17.11.67 and 8.11.66. The car still carries many particularly rare elements and testifying to its authenticity: the front headlights are Carello reference 03.640.700, a reference produced for a very short period only for the Miura; the buttons on the roof are without marking comply with the production year of 4332; part of the ‘’In Rodaggio’’ label is still present. Its interior is largely in its original condition. It has its five Campagnolo magnesium rims. With 54,550 km on the clock today, this Lamborghini Miura P400 S is working properly. Its engine works well, its idling is stable and the revs are clear. The clutch provides normal feeling. Its valid technical control, dated January 2019 indicates only a slight play in the steering. This Lamborghini Miura P400 S is to this day, one of the rare examples to have never been fully restored. It offers a real authenticity and a history which could not be more clear over the last forty years.

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It will be delivered to its future owner accompanied by an important file of invoices, notes and letters since 1982, its period uso e manutenzione, and a number of technical documents. It is a true myth that we have the joy to present for sale, one of the most beautiful cars ever designed, which aesthetic is underlined by its timeless original shade of Verde Miura. Find out more here.


1929 PACKARD 733 Standard Eight Roadster

The model presented is a type 733 from the 1930 model year. It is a Standard Eight model from the 7th series. Its roadster bodywork has been redone and is perfectly restored. The mechanics have also undergone a complete restoration: powertrain, trains, electric brakes, accessories.

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The restoration is of very high quality. The visible parts of the platform and the chassis are in very good condition and show no signs of impact or visible perforating corrosion. The chrome and accessories are in very good original condition. Its current owner has traveled many kilometers in different rallies with this car. It is a very elegant automobile with great comfort. Find out more here.



The Bentley S1 that we present was born as a Sports Saloon, on May 5th, 1958, bearing the chassis numbers B.174.FA and engine BF.87. It was then painted in Shell Gray and Steel Blue, and fitted with a blue leather interior. It was delivered in Belfast to Agnew & Graham Ltd. It changed hands in April 1959, becoming the property of Messrs. Knightsbridge Mtrs. Ltd. in London. Its third owner, the Overseas Visitors Club Ltd. based in London, acquired the car in May 1959.

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The Bentley then belonged to the Ind Coope Ltd. in Staffordshire from December 1960. In 1964, it became the car of HA Saunders Ltd., still in London. We find back its trace at a Rétromobile show in 2001 on Franky Dumontant’s stand. It had already been transformed into a convertible for many years, certainly by the Pilkington workshops. Its current owner undertook a partial restoration. It was then repainted in RM 4624A navy blue and RM 4435 A sky blue. The soft top was refabricated in navy blue fabric. The whole offers great elegance to this beautiful convertible. Many works were carried out on the engine / gearbox part, with parts from Sauzeau Automobiles. The engine was therefore completely dismantled and checked. The electrical system and running gear were also revised. Today, this Bentley S1 Convertible is in a beautiful state of presentation, its painting is well done and does not display its age. The conversion into a convertible was very well done and is perfectly consistent.

The interior looks good, many woodwork has been refinished recently. Only the soft top has a defect on the inner fabric at the rear window. We were able to take the wheel of this car on a route between Paris and Fontainebleau during which the car behaved well. Its engine is silent and efficient, its running gear seems reassuring and the gearbox responds correctly. The car will be sold with a big folder of notes, technical and historic documents. It is a very beautiful Bentley convertible that we are presenting today for sale, a quality transformation carried out a long time ago and in a beautiful aesthetic and mechanical condition. An elegant automobile to use during rallies or concours d’élégance. Find out more.


1979 FERRARI 512 BB

The Ferrari 512 BB that we present today was sold new in France and was registered on November 22nd, 1979. Painted in Rosso Corsaand fitted with a black leather interior, it obviously had only three owners until today. Its current owner bought it during a sale organized by Maître Osenat on December 14th, 2003. The odometer now shows 21,193 non-certifiable kilometers.

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The owner of the car told us that he had driven a lot with this BB, he would have had the clutch and belts replaced 8,000 kilometers ago. It is in rare original conditions, it has never been repainted and its patina is unique on this kind of cars. Its interior is also entirely original. This BB still has her almost complete tool kit, as well as its spare wheel. All the specific elements of a French version are present, like the wheels with a nut and not a central butterfly, white front plexiglass and not orange, or yellow headlights and fog lights. We were able to test the car for a short distance in order to verify in particular the shifting of the five gears, which went OK.

However, the Ferrari requires a general overhaul in order to be able to take the road, we thus noted a defect of sealing at the level of the cylinder head covers. The 512 BB is a great automobile to drive, extremely efficient and much sought after in a carburetor version. This copy is particularly desirable because of its rare original condition! Find out more


1965 PORSCHE 911 2,0 “SWB”

This Porsche 911 was delivered new in France on March 12th, 1965. It wears the number 300601, it is by the way one of the very first Porsche 911s delivered. It was then painted in Bali Blau, reference 6412. According to its administrative history, the car was kept by its first owner until 1991 and taken over by a garage. The latter sold it in 1997 and it was finally acquired by its third and current owner in 2007. It was then undriven for many years and already painted in Bahama Gelb reference 6605.

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This is how a restoration of the car was undertaken: In 2007, the car received new indicators, new silencers, cardan bellows, a battery, an oil filter, new refurbished Weber carburetors and four stainless steel hubcaps. The windshield and its seals were replaced, while the brake calipers were restored. The tank was refurbished and received two new sieves. In 2008, new front bumper bananas were installed with their new seals, the front trunk also received new seals. Brake hoses and new pads were installed. A pair of yellow Hella front fog lights was fitted, as well as four chrome rims. The gearbox was drained and the braking circuit purged. The two exchangers, the two rear lights, the six spark plugs and the trunk light were replaced, like the four tires Michelin XAS. Finally, the logo, the window seals, the left door strike, and new nozzles and windshield washer pipe were ordered. In 2009, the engine was completely overhauled, including all seals, screws, bearings, replacement of hoses, lines and belts, chain tensioner, clutch mechanism.

The ignition system was overhauled and all cables were replaced. Finally, the four Koni shock absorbers and the front ball joints were replaced. The works are documented by photos. In 2010, the bodywork was restored with almost complete disassembly. All seals were replaced with new ones, as were the bumper and rocker moldings, as well as the front ventilation grilles and the wiper arms. The works are documented by photos. In 2011, the car was overhauled after its bodywork restoration, and the Becker radio was restarted. In 2012, the spark plugs, the air filter and the ignition harness were replaced. Since then, the car was overhauled in 2013, 2015, 2017 (starter repair) and 2019. In 2020, a new battery was installed and technical inspection was passed last January. The latter reveals only one minor defect: a slight imbalance in the rear brakes. Today, this Porsche 911 2.0L is in good condition. Its painting done ten years ago shows very little flaw and offers a beautiful presentation.

The fittings and seals are in good condition, as are the glazing. The cabin was kept in its original good condition. The upholstery does not reveal any noticeable defect. Only the headliner has a defect in the angle of the rear window. The dashboard and its wood veneers are in good original condition, it is fitted with a Becker Grand Prix car radio. The wooden steering wheel specific to the first 911s looks good. Note that the driver’s seat has a rare period backrest / headrest signed B.Mootz. Above all, this Porsche 911 was restored to be driven, a task it performs very well. We were able to test drive it and found that the mechanical assembly of the car was working properly. The climbs are frank, the gears engage without cracking, and the handling is good. The car now has 18,200 km on the odometer, the engine has only traveled 8,500 km since its repair. It is thus one of the oldest known 911s, among the first 1000 produced. In addition, it is also one of the rare 911 sold new in France in 1965. This 911 is a real Porsche to collect! Find out more.


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