Monolithoi Greece

The main idea of Monolithoi was to acknowledge and be inspired by a special feature of Mani’s residential forms – the “Ksemonia” (meaning “the one who has been left alone”), which were lonely towers or small residential complexes standing alone in the rugged landscape of Mani, and operating as shelters or observation points.

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From afar, these stone-built towers appear as just one more element of the land, like monolithic outbursts from the soil, yet their very existence records the imprint of the turbulent life of the traditional Mani on this remarkable landscape. The residential complex, consisting of two stone houses, is organized around two towers, placed in the plot so as to also allow a dynamic arrangement of the outdoor spaces and the entrances to the houses, and to define additional spaces such as the parking areas.

The modern tower-houses are designed to be in close connection with the natural landscape – just as is the case with the traditional Mani architecture, which became an integral part of the place that gave birth to it. Their stone mass shapes the outdoor and indoor spaces, both structurally and aesthetically, and forms the levels and the zones that will ‘host’ life.

Location: Mani, Greece
Size: 240sqm
Year: 2021
Architects: Ira Desypri, Aristeidis Misiaris
Interior Design: Interior Design Laboratorium
Lighting: L+DG Light
Photographer: Giorgios Sfakianakis


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