Michael Köckritz: Luxury

Luxury is fascinating. It is a world that entices and captivates, polarizes and provokes – and is conducive to the economy anyway. But the essence of luxury goes beyond the material. Luxury touches our senses, our dreams, and desires. The term evokes both concrete and diverse ideas, often associated with strongly held opinions, both positive and negative. However, upon closer examination, the matter does not lend itself to easy grasping. A systematic study of luxury, free from all judgment, as a concept, has not yet been found. Like everything beautiful and sensual, luxury cannot be measured, physically proven, or defined by objective characteristics. Luxury thrives on the fact that a very individual experience is associated with something that is actually unnecessary.

Therefore, ramp’s editor-in-chief, Michael Köckritz, along with the ramp editorial team, approached the phenomenon of luxury openly, curiously, and freshly. Without claiming to have all-encompassing knowledge, interviews and essays on various perspectives on the subject are presented over 272 pages – from philosophers to hotel directors, perfumers to car designers, and mountain guides. Of course, the material world of luxury with its defining brands also receives the attention it deserves. In the overall picture, it becomes clear that luxury is more than a status symbol or a superficial gesture of wealth; it is always a special moment connected to a personal positive experience. The sociologist Werner Sombart defined luxury as “expenditure that goes beyond the necessary,” and this definition became the credo of this book project.

Michael Köckritz: “Luxus.” teNeues. 125 euros. And in the online shop at ramp.space. The Director’s Cut Edition is exclusively available in the shop at ramp.space.

teNeues Press Release:

“Luxus,” the name of this opulent coffee table book, says it all. This is about aesthetics, decadence, beauty, trends, glamour, and money. The renowned photographer, journalist, and brand and communication consultant Michael Köckritz has delved into this fascinating world of the rich, celebrities, and stars in his latest photo book. Using impressive imagery complemented by informative texts, he showcases the most important luxury brands of our time. Watches, cars, bags, buildings, vacation spots, and jewelry – the author covers all areas related to luxury and skillfully highlights the key items.

Köckritz approaches the phenomenon of luxury from an artistic and scientific perspective, delving into profound questions like “What is luxury?”, “Why do we strive for luxury?”, and “How does luxury affect our everyday lives?”.

As an expert, the author doesn’t aim to show off. He places importance on the philosophical, psychological, and sociological aspects of the phenomenon of luxury. In an almost admirable way, he succeeds in meeting this scientific standard while captivating the reader with his magnificent photos in the allure of this world focused on beauty and perfection.

“Luxus” is brimming with outstanding images and high-quality texts. The photo book embodies its own theme to perfection and, as a result, becomes an art project accompanied by an art exhibition and a film/motion picture adaptation.

This coffee table book is the perfect gift for those fascinated by the emotions and myths surrounding the topic of luxury.


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