Melides Art Residence

Set amidst a contemporary art park, thus providing a truly unique lifestyle concept, Luxury property Melides this residential project and art community is designed to be an innovative, creative, and international platform for some of the world’s most talented living modern artists.


This is not simply another luxurious resort offering fashionable accommodation, but one that delivers real style, substance and integrity. Residents and visitors alike are offered a living, breathing synergetic experience where their conscious perception of reality in actual time and space becomes part of the transformation of the art park itself. Melides are co-creating a new paradigm, using the transmutative magic of art and nature combined to metamorphosis into its own unique environment.

The project is located in an outstanding natural setting, close to the beach and surrounded by traditional farmsteads and pristine uncrowded natural beauty. This is a place where you can experience a new way of enjoying the hidden wonders of the Alentejo region by combining an environment of creativity with that of a rural lifestyle set amidst exquisite contemporary art, while benefiting from the comfort and convenience of Luxury property Melides meticulously designed and carefully built modern accommodation.

Melides invite you to be part of this new exciting experience which combines art, natural beauty, and the discovery of the magnificent gem that is the Alentejo coast.


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