Lotus Elite: Colin Chapman’s First GT Car By Veloce

A comprehensive history of an iconic British GT car, the Lotus Elite book looks at the Elite’s place in Lotus’ past. Interviews with ex-factory staff and current owners define the car’s place in the classic car scene of today. Illustrated with colour photos and period advertising material, providing essential reading for the Lotus Elite enthusiast.

The Lotus Elite was a turning point for Lotus. First produced at the end of the 1950s, it marked Lotus’ transition from a maker of small racing cars, which had limited utility on the road, to the producer of a highly sophisticated road and race car. In the Elite, Lotus exploited its knowledge of new technology and racing pedigree to produce a car which, with its glass fibre monocoque and Coventry Climax engine, had the potential to be a world beater.

This book gives an insight into the reasons the car was produced and its importance in Lotus’ history, especially in the production of lightweight innovative cars. Through interviews with Elite owners, first hand accounts provide a good overview of owning one of these iconic cars, covering its foibles and quirks as well as its exemplary roadholding, handling and performance. Illustrated with many colour photographs, along with period advertising material, the book provides a valuable insight into owning, running and racing these iconic cars.

Facts About Lotus Elite

  • A welcome new marque history of the Lotus Elite
  • A comprehensive history of the car, covering the design, development and production
  • Features interviews with ex-factory staff
  • Current owners share their experiences
  • How the Elite influenced the development of its successor – the Elan
  • Illustrated with high quality photographs
  • Period illustrations and advertising material
  • A look at the racing history of the Elite …
  • … and the Elite’s place in the current historic racing scene
  • Details of resources for maintenance, restoration and race preparation


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