Porsche 911 S Targa

350,000 €

This Porsche 911S Softwindow Targa was produced
delivered on 17.04.1967 in Munich by the company MAHAG to the first owners to Kassel. The 911S is one of only 300 European models. Zude what the vehicle in the very rare color combination Bahamagelb delivered with black leatherette! The Porsche remained until 1999 sold to its first owner before him to the 2nd owner. This is the vehicle every time too. The 911 was fully stocked between 2016-2018 by a renowned specialist company for early Porsche vehicles and was in immaculate and mint condition.
In addition to its original units, the Porsche also has the corresponding Weber IDS Vergaasern. In addition, the car was restored again in the original color combination.
A detailed documentation of all work
It is of course available.
The vehicle is matching colors and matching numbers!
A super selene opportunity to purchase a top 911 Softwindow Targa with German delivery and in original color combination! A car with potential for value increase at the highest level!
The additional tax is identifiable.

Year: 1967
Make: Porsche
Model: 911
Price: 350,000 €
Dealer: HK-Engineering
The only company worldwide dedicated solely to the restoration of the exclusively valuable Mercedes-Benz 300 SL. Serving for the past 25 years with intelligence, dedication and enthusiasm. Entrepreneur, director and world-renowned expert in the automotive icon with the trademark star, is Hans Kleissl. Hardly anyone else has such a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion. Being a classic car enthusiast and collector himself led to his founding of HK-ENGINEERING. „He's one of us,” is the common opinion among his customers. HK-ENGINEERING is set in a lovingly restored monastery in the Bavarian village of Polling, with an additional branch in the Berlin Classic Remise. Further partners and representatives are located outside of German borders, listed in detail under the heading „Contact.“ HK-ENGINEERING is well-established. Throughout years of service in Kleissl's SL workshop, mechanical engineers have made technical contributions to the sustainable conservation of this unique Mercedes model series. As a result, while it previously took at least a year to bring a Gullwing or Roadster back to its original glory, the mechanics in Polling can now finish an entire „resurrection” of a 300 SL in only six to nine months. HK-ENGINEERING offers its clients restoration of nearly all original parts: from refurbishing old leathers to matching original body paint. Of course, they are also able to restore classic Mercedes-Benz cars from the ground-up. Since 1995, HK-ENGINEERING has operated its own racing team. To date they've built a dozen SLS-type cars. „While others speak of their great technical competence, we prove ours on the track,“ boasts Hans Kleissl. Aside from the vast technical expertise, Kleissl is deeply involved in the social aspect of the 300 SL series. He has served on the board of directors for the 300 SL club of Germany for more than ten years. More than fifty 300 SL automobiles are currently in the Polling establishment. To meet the ever-growing demand, the team of HK-ENGINEERING has grown to more than forty employees.
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