Limited Legends By Dirk Patschkowski

“Friend Of The Extremes” – that’s how an editor described Dirk Patschkowski in an article in the magazine AUTOBILD. If you consider that on the one hand he creates filigree model objects in miniature dimensions and on the other hand he practices his other passions, painting and photography, preferably in very large format, the term is quite appropriate. His largest painting for a trade fair so far measured 6.50 meters x 5.50 meters.

Limited Legends By Dirk Patschkowski

After his training in a graphic art institute in Wuppertal in 1979, h worked as an offset printer until 2000. In December 2002 Dirk finished his studies as an online designer at the DTP Academy in Düsseldorf. Since 2003 he had been working as a freelancer in the fields of vehicle photography, vehicle patina and the sale of petromobilia. Last but not least, he is dedicated to the production of exclusive model objects.

NIK 9271b

Since May 2007, his unique 1965 Volkswagen T1 pickup has been a regular highlight at many exhibitions and trade fairs, serving as his “little vendor’s tray”. You can also book Dirk and his rare petromobilia and decoration objects for events and celebrations. More details can be seen in this gallery and on his website

Would you like to know more? Or maybe you have a good idea or an interesting project ? Just send Dirk a mail at or phone him at

phone: +49(0) 202 / 59 12 06 mobile: +49(0) 177 / 21 66 914

If you want to visit his magic warehouse and showroom here is the address:

Dirk Patschkowski/Limited – Legends
D – 42287 Wuppertal / Germany

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