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Leica Camera AG is an internationally operating, premium-segment manufacturer of cameras and sport optics products. The legendary status of the Leica brand is founded on a long tradition of excellence in the construction of lenses and optical devices. And today, in combination with innovative technologies, Leica products continue to guarantee better pictures in all situations in the worlds of visualisation and perception. Innovative products have been the driving force behind the company’s positive development in recent years.

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Leica S-System

The Leica S-System was conceived from the ground up as a purely digital camera system and was built with the precise needs of professional photographers in mind. The medium-format camera offers impressively easy handling, extreme robustness, excellent imaging quality and components that are perfectly matched.

Leica S3

The excellence of the Leica S3 is the result of an extremely well-thought-out overall system. All of its individual components are precisely matched to one another and interact in perfect harmony to create the inimitable Leica look.

Developed in close collaboration with professional photographers, the Leica S3 expertly fulfils their particular needs with its exceptional picture quality and outstanding flexibility, paired with uncomplicated handling and extreme robustness

  • Leica ProFormat sensor, with 64-megapixel resolution
  • High sensor sensitivity up to ISO 50000
  • Medium Format Cine 4K Video


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Leica S (Typ 007)

With its superior technology and sophisticated ergonomics, the Leica S (Typ 007) masters every photographic challenge quite simply everywhere – on location and in the studio. This is due especially to the unusually fast Leica S-Lenses with focal lengths ranging from 24 to 180mm, the majority of which are available on request with a central shutter.

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Leica SL-System

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Leica M-System

A camera from the Leica M-System lets you experience a different kind of photography. This fast and discreet rangefinder camera is extremely quiet and very compact, allowing you to get as close as possible to the action. The Leica M features intuitive controls, is simple to use and has no superfluous functions or overcomplicated menus. The characteristic features of the M-System give photographers the opportunity to concentrate on what’s essential – their pictures.



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Leica Q2

Every great story deserves a sequel, and the acclaimed Leica Q is no exception.  Introducing the new Leica Q2 – a perfect symbiosis of the essentials with innovation, pristine performance with connectivity, and resilience balanced with elegance. With its newly developed, 47.3 megapixel full frame sensor, extremely fast Summilux 28 mm f/1.7 ASPH. prime lens, fast autofocus, innovative OLED technology, and timelessly elegant design, the Leica Q2 elevates the tradition established by its predecessor, the Leica Q.

With the addition of its special weather sealing to protect the camera from dust and water spray, the Leica Q2 stands out as the only camera in its class that can stand up to even the most unfavorable weather conditions. From its classic design and respected “Made in Germany” quality seal to its integrated digital zoom that covers a range of focal lengths up to 75 mm, the Leica Q2 transcends the revered story of Leica’s full-frame compact story to new heights.

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Leica CL-System

The Leica CL represents the juxtaposition of iconic design and advanced technical standards. This portable system camera is a versatile everyday tool for photographers that delivers pristine image quality and sensory satisfaction.

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Leica TL2-System

The concept of the Leica TL2 focuses on clean lines, amazing picture quality and an extraordinary handling concept. With its slim body, machined in one piece, its looks are completely different from all other Leica cameras and possess a timeless clarity in a contemporary interpretation of Leica’s archetypal principle of reduction to essentials.

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Leica V-Lux 5

The new V-Lux 5 is Leica’s most versatile high-end compact camera to date. The extensive range of its zoom lens covers nearly all distances and subject matter – simplifying your travels by avoiding the need for changing lenses and packing additional equipment. The view through the new OLED viewfinder brings the scene to life with incredible brilliance, while the large sensor ensures vividly clear, high-resolution images. The perfect all-rounder, the Leica V-Lux 5 delivers in any shooting situation – from travel and sports photography to capturing all your adventures in the great outdoors.

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